Swisscom Announces  CheckAp, A Security App For Android Devices And The iPhone – Nov 28, 2013– Berne, Switzerland (Techreleased) –  Swisscom has today launched CheckAp, an app that thoroughly tests all the software installed on a smartphone. CheckAp also advises customers on how to protect their mobile phones effectively against data theft and intrusion. CheckAp is available now free of charge for Android devices and the iPhone.

CheckApSome apps are careless with our data and request more information and authorisations than they actually need. A torch app, for example, does not need access to contact data. And a child’s game app does not need to transmit its location at all, let alone in unencrypted form. CheckAp allows customers to plug such security gaps.

With CheckAp, Swisscom is giving its customers a better understanding of how their apps handle personal data and device functions, enabling them to identify potential risks. All apps are given a rating, which is explained using easy-to-follow colour coding and text.

CheckAp is available in two versions for Android devices and the iPhone. The central element of CheckAp is a scanner that carries out a detailed test on the installed app and immediately identifies potential weaknesses such as critical accesses to functions or data. CheckAp provides a usage recommendation and suggests alternative, more secure apps where available.

CheckAp for iPhone lists the most popular apps and shows their rating. It is easy to search for other apps and save them in a personalised list.

Being careful with personal data is becoming increasingly important in the modern, networked world. CheckAp is the first app developed by Swisscom designed to offer customers straightforward assistance with identifying data protection problems and taking the necessary action. The apps installed on the smartphone in question are rated according to various criteria based on their core function. Swisscom’s ratings are derived in part from the test results obtained by the company Appthority. Appthority is active in risk management for mobile apps and serving especially corporate customers around the world to judge and establish the security and privacy of apps used by employees.

CheckAp is available now free of charge in Google Play and in Apple’s App Store.