TopFlight Management System
TopFlight Management System

Nov 13, 2012– Zhuhai, China  (Techreleased) – Thales is proud to announce the selection of its TopFlight Management System by China Eastern and Hainan Airlines.

Under these selection agreements, Thales will equip China Eastern 50 future A320 and Hainan Airlines 15 A330 aircraft with Thales FMS.

This confirms that Thales Avionics presence in the Asian Airlines market continues to grow and particularly true in China where the company reports several major avionics selection on Airbus aircraft proving their overall satisfaction level on the products.

These new aircraft will be delivered with Release 1A, a new software version for the TopFlight FMS certified on the Airbus A320 and A330 Family. It brings new approach capabilities such as Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required capacity – (RNP AR down to RNP 0.1) or GNSS Landing System (GLS) along with unique functionality on the A320 and A330/A340
families like the FMS Landing System (FLS).

The FMS Landing System is a new way to fly non-precision approaches using ILS (Instrument Landing System)-like procedures, thus enhancing situational awareness and reducing drastically training times and costs due to standardization of procedures.

Existing features like the multi-revision temporary flight plan with undo function and an enhanced intuitive “What You See is What You Fly” display system remains unique to Thales on those aircraft families.

This choice is confirming that the Thales FMS is a highly attractive alternative for Airbus operators. With more than 60% of market share in China, NFMS Operators like Air China, China Eastern, China Shenzhen, China Southern, and Hainan Airlines are recognizing unique performances of Thales FMS functionality” said Olivier GUIBERT, President Thales China and North Asia region.

Selection agreement with these airlines includes as well Fixed Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) and Low Range Radio Altimeter (LRRA) for Hainan.

BOC Aviation also confirmed Thales as their preferred choice for avionics with the selection of Thales FMS & MCDU (Multi Control Display Unit), fixed and survival ELT, LRRA and AOA (Angle of Attack), under their base line agreement for 30 A320 aircraft.

By continuously selecting Thales products for their fleets, our customers demonstrate that our loyalty to Customer Satisfaction is of the utmost importance to them” says Olivier Guibert. “We always do everything possible to bring the most value to our customers through our wide range of products and services” Olivier adds.