SRS-BTS50 ultra-portable wireless speaker from Sony – Sep 04, 2013– Berlin, Germany (Techreleased) – When you head outside, take your music with you. Connect your smartphone or tablet and enjoy outstanding surround sound

  • Lightweight, stylish design, and portable: for music on the go
  • Bluetooth® and NFC for easy smartphone or tablet connection
  • Share your favourite music in glorious surround sound
SRS-BTS50 wireless speaker
SRS-BTS50 wireless speaker

Enjoy the outdoors – and your music

When you want to spend time outdoors with friends, you shouldn’t have to leave your music in the house or use your tiny smartphone speaker to listen to it. The ultra-portable SRS-BTS50 wireless speaker is the answer.

Lightweight yet durable, it’s a perfect complement to your outdoor activities. Whether you’re off hiking with friends, spending the day at the skatepark, or enjoying an outdoor party, always have your favourite songs with you.

Connect with the music

When you want to listen to music there’s no need for wires. NFC One-touch connection, or Bluetooth®, can be used for connecting smartphones and tablets.

There is a hands free button on the SRS-BTS50 wireless speaker, which means that when a call comes in there’s no need to use your smartphone to accept it, or to pause the music.

Shaped for sharing your sound

The SRS-BTS50 has a unique hexagonal shape, which has more than just an aesthetic appeal. For smaller groups the speaker’s directional mode is ideal – and if more people join, just tilt it upwards to experience rich surround sound.

Made for outdoor use, the wireless speaker is splashproof[1] against water splashes such as sudden rain. And the internal rechargeable battery will last for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The SRS-BTS50 Wireless Speaker is available in Europe from October.

SRS-BTS50 wireless speaker

Key features:

Made for enjoying music outdoors – take your music with you when you leave home with this lightweight, durable, and ultra-portable wireless speaker

Connect your smartphone easily – Connect your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth® or, if it has the capability, One-touch NFC

Shaped to get the best sound – On its side, the speaker directs sound towards you, with surround sound engaged when it’s tilted upwards


  • Speaker output 5W
  • NFC One-touch connection , Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Hands free for answering calls and pausing the music
  • Splashproof (IPX2)1
  • Voice feedback function – music which guides you through menu
  • Audio in / Audio Out (*Audio signal out when Speaker is receiving Bluetooth© signal)
  • Battery life – 10hrs (approx.)
  • Surround sound mode