Sony’s New SD Memory Cards Add Backup Capabilities – Dec 11, 2013– Park Ridge, USA (Techreleased) – Sony’s newest SD memory cards can do more than just temporarily store and transfer content from digital cameras. The new Backup SD Card adds automatic back-up capabilities, eliminating the need for plugging in external drives each time users want to safeguard their data.

Sony Backup SD Card
Sony Backup SD Card

The new cards – available in 16-, 32- and 64 GB capacities – are the first to offer a dedicated real-time backup feature, so consumers can use removable memory as more than just “bridge media.”

“Everyone wants their personal content and memories safely preserved and archived, but people usually put off data back-up because it involves extra steps like plugging in other devices and organizing the files into different folders,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing for Sony Electronics. “Those extra steps are gone. As soon as you put the card into your PC to view your files, the backup process begins and it’s done so you don’t have to worry about it.”

The first step is to insert the Backup SD Card into the empty SD card slot on a PC. Consumers then install the software that’s pre-loaded on the card and select the folders they want to have automatically backed-up.

By keeping the card in the slot, backup copies of important business documents or family photos are automatically made.
Backup copies are always updated, as the card’s utility software automatically makes backup copies every time it detects changes – such as the creation of new files or changes to existing data. The software automatically starts making back-up copies, with marks showing “During backup” or “Backup completed” displayed on the file icons to let users easily see the status of the backup.

Since the card remains in the slot, users don’t have to connect external HDDs each time they want to make backups.
Users can choose to keep their data more secure with AES 256-bit file encryption, so copies of important files can’t be opened or seen by others even if the card is removed from the slot.

Consumers can get information and download a free 30-day trial demo of the Backup SD Card utility software at

The new Backup SD Card will be available this month at the following prices:
SNBA16 (16GB) – $27.99
SNBA32 (32GB) – $52.99
SNBA64 (64GB) – $99.99