Sony Xperia ZL
Sony Xperia ZL

Feb 20, 2013– London, UK  (Techreleased) – Xperia ZL – the world’s most compact smartphone with a 5” display. A quick note on a cool fact – did you know Xperia ZL has the highest ratio of screen to phone size of any known smartphone?

Sony Xperia ZL accomplishes the design impossible: a 76% display-to-design footprint that’s second to none, all in a smartphone that fits nicely in your pocket.

The result? An immersive “Only Display” impression that lets your content take centre stage, whilst the hardware disappears – showcasing your images, photos, games, Instagram snaps, tweets…

For us, “design” is all about finding the balance between tech and aesthetics. For example, when building component layout; we eliminated a layer of air to bring the display closer to the lens for greater touch sensitivity, to make things more compact and for a clearer viewing experience even in the brightest sunlight!

This means you get a smartphone that manages to feel both striking and compact at the same time