Sony Unveils New 27-Inch Full HD LCD Medical Grade Monitor – Oct 08, 2014– Park Ridge, USA (Techreleased) –  Sony Electronics’ new 27-inch surgical monitor combines high resolution, ease of use and an extra slim design with the medical industry’s brightest panel, for use in operating rooms, medical centers, clinics, and doctor’s offices. The monitor’s large 27-inch viewing area fits in the same chassis footprint as most 26-inch models so facilities can still use their current carts or boom arms. Its unique design makes the new monitor suitable for use in either a cart system or ceiling-mounted configuration.

“These new monitors are Sony’s latest innovations for medical display, creating a new standard in visualization,” said Anne Bondulich, surgical marketing manager for Sony’s Medical Systems Division. “From its intuitively operable control panel with lighted navigation to the simplicity of cleaning, the monitor fits right into current systems. Truly an example of design meeting technology, this new 27-inch display is ideal for a wide range of medical imaging applications — both in and out of the OR.”

The monitor is available in two versions: the LMD-2760MD (digital only interface) and the LMD-2765MD (digital and analog interface for compatibility with a range of HD and SD imaging sources). The new monitor displays full HD (1920×1080) images from surgical endoscope/laparoscopic camera system and other compatible medical imaging systems. It also features the brightest panel in use on a surgical monitor, with a brightness of 1000 cd/m2 (maximum brightness of 800 cd/m2 at D65 adjustment).

The new model is the only surgical monitor equipped with OptiContrast Panel™ technology, which replaces the layer of air between the panel and glass with a layer of resin specially formulated to match the refractive properties of the glass. This establishes a dark background for rich, vibrant, high-contrast pictures, even in brightly lit rooms. This technology also boosts contrast, minimizes glare and reflection and helps to increase brightness.

The monitor incorporates an edge-to-edge glass protection panel with narrow bezel, robust aluminum housing and a removable cable rear cover to hide connectors and manage cables neatly.

The front panel is water-resistant with an Ingress Protection rating of IPX5, with all other sides rated to IPX2, sufficient for protection and regular cleaning. The monitors are designed for easy cleaning and can be wiped down using commonly available cleaning solutions.

The monitor has an intuitive backlit control panel for easy fingertip operation, allowing it to only light up buttons that are selectable and guiding users to change parameters quickly and efficiently, saving time in busy medical environments. Users have a choice of multiple modality display capabilities using PIP/POP picture modes to match clinical display needs. Convenient image flip and mirroring functions also provide greater viewing flexibility.

The monitor incorporates an advanced Sony technology called A.I.M.E.™ that reduces noise and improves visibility and can display customized images in real time. The A.I.M.E technology features four contrast modes and eight color modes.