Sony Unveils Extensive Updates for Digital Paper – Dec 12, 2014– San Diego, USA (Techreleased) – Sony is announcing a range of updates to Digital Paper, enabling new features and more flexible user operation.

Sony Digital Paper
Sony Digital Paper

Leading enhancements include internal memory encryption to further protect users’ confidential data, and support for PDF forms. The new version 1.3 updates, all results of customer feedback, are available now as free-of-charge downloads or manual updates.

“Since Digital Paper was first introduced, our goal was to deliver a technology that could grow and continually adapt to the needs of users and markets,” said Bob Nell, director of Digital Paper Solutions at Sony Electronics. “Customer feedback is our best source of ongoing product development, and listening to the users’ needs has led directly to these enhancements. We’re not only making the device more useful, flexible and secure; we’re also helping to ensure that we’re protecting our customers’ technology investments.”

Digital Paper’s new security is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) encryption technology, an established, worldwide standard ideal for legal, financial, entertainment applications, or organizations and corporations dealing with sensitive or confidential data. Features include a device lock with longer password requirements, and internal memory encryption.

Digital Paper now supports PDF forms, which provide an interactive system for collecting and analyzing information within a document. This new feature, combined with the device’s thin, lightweight, and durable design, make Digital Paper an ideal tool for survey-taking, employee on-boarding, or any industry where mobile form-filling is essential. The supported interactive form fields include: Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, List Boxes, and Text Boxes.

Additional Key Features of Digital Paper Firmware Upgrade version 1.3

The new upgrades deliver major enhancements to Digital Paper’s handwriting, note-taking and file management capabilities, including:

• An easier-to-navigate toolbar – users can select left or right side placement of the toolbar, which is customizable to show commonly-used tools
• Erasing – users can assign the “Pen Button Settings” to “Eraser Active” and also press the Pen Button to erase annotations quickly. Alternatively, from the Settings menu, users can set Pen Buttons to “Highlight active” or “Button Inactive.” Users can also limit erasing annotations to prevent accidental erasures by other users.
• Handwriting in “zoom” mode
• Undo/Redo feature
• Note-taking – V1.3 adds the ability to insert, add or delete pages and change the note template.
• File Management – users can now duplicate files, create and delete folders and have easier access to a “Tab List” to quickly access already opened documents.
• Page Navigation – users can still swipe with their fingers and use the [>] [<] buttons to change pages, and now they can also jump to a page by entering the page number.

Sony’s Digital Paper has a 13.3-inch display that shows full-screen views of letter-sized forms and documents as PDFs (in a familiar 8 ½ by 11 view), eliminating the need to zoom or scroll when reading a page. The Digital Paper device retains the context of an entire page by displaying sharp, easy-to-read text and graphics that are nearly identical to printed documents or full-size notepads.

The device’s touch panel enables users to operate the menu or turn pages by simply touching the screen. Using the included stylus, individuals can write fluidly and directly on the panel, and also easily highlight and erase text, for a familiar and comfortable writing experience.

Key features and functions of Sony’s Digital Paper include:

• World’s thinnest, lightest body among devices with comparable screen sizes (approximately 9/32” and 12.6 oz.); slightly thicker than 30 sheets of paper
• 13.3 -inch electronic paper display (screen size measured diagonally)
• High contrast display (1200 x 1600 dots), 16-level gray scale, incorporating “E Ink Mobius” technology fromE Ink Corporation
• No backlight enabling text to be read clearly, even in bright sunlight
• Built-in Wi-Fi functionality allowing file sharing over a wireless network
• Rechargeable thin lithium-ion battery – up to 3 weeks use on a single charge with WiFi off
• AC adapter or USB rechargeable (computer-based charging)
• Storage – approximately 2,800 PDF files; internal memory of 4 GB coupled with micro SD card slot for additional storage
• Touch panel (IR touch) compatible with electromagnetic induction-type touch pen input
• Dimensions – of approximately 9 1/4” width by 12 1/4” height by 9/32” depth (thickness)
• Weight of approximately 12.6 ounces

Sony’s Digital Paper is now available, with a suggested list price of $999.