With so many things to do in any single day, it can be hard for any IT professional to slow down. What can one do when feeling overwhelmed with all of the tasks that have to be done? You might have no idea how to keep track of everything going on in your daily life, either. Why not try to make your life easier by implementing a few changes in your lifestyle? In this article, we will discuss a few solutions for IT professionals who have very busy schedules.

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Take Advantage of Available Technology

One of the easiest ways to slow yourself down is to stubbornly stick to the traditional way of doing things. While there are certainly some methods that can stand the test of time, it does not make any sense to keep using any methods that are just not efficient any more. There are so many new devices and apps out on the market, all designed to help make your life easier. Why not make use of them to make your working life much better, too? You could start by setting up accounts for tons of useful software and websites. You could sign up to Trello so that you can start organizing your to-do lists online instead of sticking to pen and paper. You can try signing up with DropBox so that you can always have your most important files easily accessible from the cloud. That way, you will not have to worry about missing a single document no matter where you are. You can even keep all of your notes in an app like Evernote, which is specially designed to help you organize your thoughts and easily search for them again later on.

Conduct Your Meetings Over the Internet

Who likes to eat up hours in the day commuting from one location to another? It’s hard to find anybody who is enthusiastic about that kind of workday. But you don’t have to let it stay that way forever. After all, why should you waste so much time on the road when you can just do the same things from your computer, which can be anywhere? That is the idea behind many providers’ video meeting solutions for IT teams and other personnel. Because these types of systems are so well made, it will almost feel like you are actually right there talking to the other person in real life. But it also provides you a ton of other handy features, too, such as file-sharing and video recording. Yes, you can still take your minutes using traditional methods of pen and paper. Now, at least you will not have to wrack your brain wondering if you missed an important detail during the meeting. All you have to do is pull up the meeting from the cloud-based storage, and you can refresh your memory in no time.

Automate the Messages in Your Email Inbox

It is no secret that e-mail is one of the most notorious ways for people to waste time at work. Yes, you may feel productive organizing your e-mail into convenient categories, but you are probably not really getting anything of value done by doing so. Instead of spending so many hours organizing your messages, why not let your e-mail app do it for you automatically? Most e-mail providers, such as Gmail, provide you with a way to automatically filter your e-mails, according to PCWorld. All you will have to do is set up your specific rules and let your app take care of all the work for you. You can even have it automatically detect spam messages and send it straight to the trash, without you ever having to see it appear in your inbox at all. Now that’s smart productivity.

Always Go for Short and Simple

When it comes to composing your messages, it seems tempting to fill up the space with as many words as possible. But by doing so, you’re actually wasting your time instead of getting back to more important things. A great tip from Mike Industries is to limit the number of sentences in each email you write. Five sentences is a good number to strive for—not too short, but not too long, either. But don’t try and cheat your way into getting more words in by abusing commas and semicolons… you’ll be defeating the purpose and giving yourself hand cramps in no time. If you can go for a single sentence, that would be even better. Just make sure you don’t sound too curt in your responses, or you could be in for some unintended office drama.

The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is to look for them and give them a shot. Try to find the set-ups that work best for you. We wish you the best of luck!