Software Telco Congress — Nov 19-21, 2013 — Santa Clara, USA. Software Telco Congress, a new event that focuses on the impact virtualization and cloud computing will have on the multi-billion dollar telecom equipment market. Software Telco Congress will take place November 19-21, 2013, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

Software Telco Congress

“The software telco market represents the biggest disruption and opportunity in the carrier spending this decade,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC. “Software Telco Congress will focus on leading this change by bringing cutting-edge discussions and sessions to the conference agenda.”

Virtualization has taken the IT world by storm, but to date, the communications market has been mostly unaffected – relying instead on proprietary appliances for numerous functions. However, as network hardware begins to be released as software, carriers are expected to save money and benefit greatly from new levels of flexibility related to hosting their network in private and virtual private clouds.