ŠKODA 1.2 l And 1.4 l TSI Gas Engines
ŠKODA 1.2 l And 1.4 l TSI Gas Engines

Dec 03, 2012– Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic  (Techreleased) – ŠKODA has started the production of new 1.2 l and 1.4 l TSI versions gas engines at its main plant in Mladá Boleslav. The maximum production capacity for the 1.2 l and 1.4 l TSI versions of the EA211 series amounts to 2,200 units per day. The direct injection engines will be used in models by the brands ŠKODA, Audi, Seat and Volkswagen. The advantages of the new engines: less weight, fuel consumption and emissions.

“We are continuing the expansion of our production capacities for engines and transmissions,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, the ŠKODA board member for Production and Logistics. “The production of engines for the EA211 series strengthens our manufacturing base in the Czech Republic and underlines the important role the ŠKODA production plays for the Volkswagen Group.” Start of the engine production: ŠKODA has begun manufacturing the 1.2 l and 1.4 l TSI variants of the EA211 series at the main plant in Mladá Boleslav.Optimized internal combustion engines are very important for a responsible handling of resources within the framework of sustainable mobility. That is the reason for the development of completely new generations of gas and diesel engines that will successively become part of the vehicle range of the Volkswagen Group.

The engine series EA211 by the Group consists of a total of four displacement variants ranging from 1.0 l to 1.6 l as well as three- and four-cylinder gas engines. The TSI four-cylinder engines with four-valves are setting new standards with regard to energy efficiency, lightweight construction and power. Lower internal friction, reduced weight and an optimized thermal management lead to significantly lower fuel consumption and emissions. TSI stands for ‘Turbocharged Stratified Injection’, a form of direct injection, and compression of the gas/air mix by means of a turbocharger.

The start of production of the 1.2 l and 1.4 l TSI versions of the new EA211 engine generation is already the second assembly start-up at a ŠKODA plant within just a few weeks. Since October, the ŠKODA plant at Vrchlabí has been manufacturing the dual-clutch transmission DQ200 for the Volkswagen Group. At the present time, its production capacity stands at 1,000 transmissions per day. The plant is scheduled to produce up to 1,500 transmissions per day until mid-2013.

The expansion of the assembly production is part of an extensive ŠKODA investment program in the Czech Republic. Another part is the expansion of the development capacities. Thus, the manufacturer is currently enlarging its technology and development center in Česana near the company headquarters in Mladá Boleslav. More than 34 million EUR will flow into the construction of 21 new test stations for engines and components – one of the largest investments in the development area currently being undertaken in the Czech Republic. At the end of July 2012, the new ‘Lean Center’ – a training center for employees and suppliers for the optimization of processes in production and administration – was inaugurated in Mladá Boleslav. In mid-September, the new IT-center of the brand begun its operation. Furthermore, ŠKODA is currently extensively enlarging the ŠKODA Parts Center for parts and accessories in Mladá Boleslav. Finally, the reopening of the completely modernized ŠKODA MUZEUM took place at the end of