Siemens Adds Three New Hematology Systems to its Portfolio of Scalable Solutions – Mar 13, 2015– Berlin, Germany (Techreleased) – The Diagnostics Division of Siemens Healthcare announced today the launch of three new scalable hematology systems: the ADVIA 360 System, ADVIA 560 System, and ADVIA 560 AL System. These lower capacity systems offer state-of-the-art hematology testing capabilities for small to mid-sized laboratories and may also be used as back-up systems for larger laboratories.

ADVIA 560 AL System

Engineered for safety and ease-of-operation, the new ADVIA hematology systems help optimize and manage workflow through several convenient features, such as the choice of open- or closed-tube sampling and customizable result printing. Automatic anti-clogging and cleaning procedures are employed to ensure results reliability. Along with automated maintenance, this reduces manual procedures and biohazard exposure.

The systems offer fast, high quality CBC testing, running up to 60 samples per hour. Other system features include: the option for manual or automatic calibration procedures, a cap-piercing function for accurate and safer sampling, a multilingual operating menu and bidirectional LIS communication for easy patient data transfer between laboratories and minimized paper-based work lists.

“With major differences in hematology testing volumes from laboratory to laboratory and network to network, Siemens’ scalable options are critical to meet the needs of our customers,” says Stefan Wolf, CEO, Hemostasis, Hematology and Specialty

Business Unit, Diagnostics Division, Siemens Healthcare. “We are proud to add these new feature-rich ADVIA hematology systems to our portfolio of analyzers to enable laboratories of all sizes to benefit from reliable, easy-to-use, cost efficient hematology solutions.”

With a compact footprint, the ADVIA 360 System allows smaller laboratories to efficiently generate reliable and accurate results while conserving precious benchtop space. This system provides a three-part white cell differential and storage capacity for 10,000 results. An integrated ticket printer streamlines results reporting.

The ADVIA 560 System can serve as the primary hematology analyzer in small to mid-sized laboratories and as a backup for the company’s ADVIA 2120i System in larger laboratories. It provides a five-part white cell differential and storage capacity of 100,000 results. Also, two scattergrams and two histograms per result help aid interpreting disease-state information. The ADVIA 560 AL System offers automatic sampling with an optional autoloader that simply plugs into the side of the system for even greater workflow efficiency and true “walk-away” capability.