Your car is a huge investment and you rely on it for more than mere transportation. The time you spend in your car should be an extension of your home. You want comfort, ability to communicate when necessary and entertainment to keep the ride enjoyable. In addition, you want a security system to safeguard your investment.

Secure Your CarWindow Tinting

Window tinting protects the interior of your car from harmful sun rays that can increase interior car temperatures and fade upholstery and other finishes. Tints come in different shades form clear to deeper shades. They won’t interfere with electronic signals for radio, stereo and communication devices as they impede sun rays. Reflecting heat will help the air conditioner work more efficiently and maintain a comfortable temperature.

More benefits than protecting your car’s interior come with window tints; you and your passengers are also shielded from UV rays that could cause possible skin cancer. Another safety feature is glare reduction. Bright sunny days and glare at night from headlights can cause distortions in your vision. Window tints filter out the glare for improved visibility.

Electronic Security Features

when you take your vehicle in for window tints, it’s a great time to have an electronic security system installed. your vehicle won’t be tied up for days and you will have peace of mind knowing you have secured your investment. an alarm system and keyless entry and remote starter systems are additional security features that can be installed. car alarms can deter thefts and keyless entries avoid the annoyance of locking your keys in the car. even if you own a garage, your vehicle is often outside at work or in a store parking lot. remote starters allow your car to warm up while still locked for safety.

State of the Art Stereo

Perhaps you aren’t happy with your factory issued stereo, or you’re just ready for an upgrade. Stereo systems come with plenty of different features to enhance the luxury of your ride. As communication technology increases so do the features for automobile systems. Along with all the standards, you will find Bluetooth phone kits and iPod interfacing units for your driving pleasure.

Customer service is probably the top priority for any business. Happy customers are repeat business and word of mouth advertising. When you are ready for style and vehicle protection you’ll also want to make sure you find a business with experience and guarantees for products and labor, such as Sunshades of Austin LLC.