PELCO Spectra HD 1080P PTZ Security Camera
PELCO Spectra HD 1080P PTZ Security Camera

Dec 03, 2012– Clovis, USA  (Techreleased) – The new Spectra HD 1080P PTZ dome camera from Pelco by Schneider Electric has an image resolution of 2MP and 20 times optical and 12 times digital zoom and opens new opportunities for accurate mapping of events.

The camera has 254 predefined positions and analysis that includes 9 different functions.The operator can combine its own program among the 254 positions, and the camera can be programmed to self-recording stills and video for future exploration.
The multifunctional camera, according to sales manager Flemming Pless responsible for Pelcos product portfolio of Schneider Electric, appeal to many who are reluctant to embrace new HD technology.
Now you have access to a high-end HD camera such. automatically react to abnormal behavior within a large perimeter and identifying people and certain objects and map the situation even under difficult lighting conditions.
Spectra HD instance, can give the operator a notice if one or more persons staying abnormally long in one area, for example, in front of banks, car parks, stations, airports or in the public sphere in general.It allows you to quickly avert critical situations and then using image data in any investigation, says sales manager at Schneider Electric.