ASUS Transformer Book
ASUS Transformer Book

Jan 08, 2013– Las Vegas, USA  (Techreleased) – SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, today announced that the ASUS Transformer Book, the world’s first notebook with a detachable tablet, uses the SanDisk® U100 Solid State Drive (SSD) in the mSATA mini form factor for its blazing fast storage.

The innovative ASUS Transformer Book offers the features of an ultra-thin notebook and the convenience of one of the thinnest, most powerful tablets currently available on the market running the Windows® 8 operating system. The incredibly responsive and powerful 128GB1 capacity SanDisk U100 SSD included in the ASUS Transformer Book significantly enhances the computing experience with quick boot-up, rapid application launching and improved data transfer. In its mSATA mini form factor, the SanDisk U100 SSD enables the ASUS Transformer Book’s amazingly thin, detachable form factor.

Featuring sensitive touch-capability, the display of ASUS Transformer Book can easily be detached from the machine’s base, allowing users to move from a notebook experience to a tablet experience in seconds. This revolutionary design is aided by the compact size of the SanDisk U100 SSD. The small SanDisk U100 SSD is installed in the narrow space behind the display of the ASUS Transformer Book – enabling it to provide high-performance storage to the ASUS Transformer Book whether it is being used as a tablet or a notebook. The SanDisk U100 also works seamlessly with the ASUS Transformer Book’s hard-disk drive (HDD), which rests below the keyboard and offers additional storage when the machine is used as a notebook.

“Working with SanDisk helped realize our vision for the world’s first ‘detachable notebook’ – the ground-breaking ASUS Transformer Book,” said S.Y. Shian, corporate vice president, ASUS. “With its slim size and robust storage, the SanDisk SSD enables ASUS to bring the best-in-class performance and user experience to the ASUS Transformer Book that our customers expect from an ultra-thin solution without compromising the compact parameters of the device.”

“The ASUS Transformer Book sets a new benchmark for convertible notebook design and performance, and SanDisk is pleased to have the opportunity work again with ASUS to provide superior, small form factor storage to yet another exciting contribution to the ASUS notebook family,” said Kevin Conley, senior vice president and general manager, Client Storage Solutions, SanDisk. “SanDisk’s on-going partnership with ASUS is further testament to the quality, performance and innovative form factors of the SanDisk’s SSD products, which are rapidly emerging as the preferred storage solutions for today’s leading-edge ultra-thin notebooks and tablets.”

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