Samsung’s Galaxy F Foldable Phone Gets A Price And Release Date In New Report – Nov 12, 2018 – Seoul, Korea (Techreleased) –  A report from the Yonhap News Agency in South Korea today has suggested a name, release date, and price for the foldable device Samsung teased last week at its developer conference.

Set to be known as the Galaxy F, the foldable is expected to be properly unveiled in March of next year, a little later than the launch of Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S phone.

Unlike the mass-market Galaxy S, the alleged Galaxy F will be an exclusive device that may command a price as high as $1,770.

Yonhap’s information suggests Samsung hasn’t settled on the final price yet, though we already know from Samsung chief JD Koh that the company plans to ship a million foldable devices in 2019.

Citing industry sources, Yonhap News claims Samsung intends to add 5G support to its Galaxy S10, which it will launch in February, most likely at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of that month.

The much more niche Galaxy F will then follow in March, though without any 5G support of its own, according to the report.