SAMSUNG Unveils Game-Changing DRM Technology For Hospitality Industry
SAMSUNG Unveils Game-Changing DRM Technology For Hospitality Industry

June 26, 2012 – Ridgefield, USA  (Techreleased) – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the availability of Samsung LYNK ™, a game-changing Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology for the hospitality industry. Providing hoteliers, facility managers and property owners with a compelling choice, Samsung leverages its leading-edge technology and unique software and hardware integration to deliver solutions that enable true remote, software-based management without costly maintenance. As a turn-key DRM solution, Samsung LYNK ™ allows encrypted content to pass in a secure manner and be displayed on the TV.
The foundational innovation of Samsung’s 2012 Hospitality LED TV line-up, Samsung LYNK™ provides hoteliers, facility managers and owners, with a robust, secure and cost effective alternative to traditional entirely hardware-based content protection systems.

Samsung LYNK™ has partnered with most existing head end technology vendors, allowing hoteliers to choose from a variety of commercially available head end equipment. Hoteliers will be able to invest confidently in any TV from Samsung’s Hospitality line of 2012 TVs and know that Samsung LYNK™ will be supported by their head end of choice. They are then able to sync the technologies and seamlessly provide in-room entertainment to guests in a secure and compliant manner. By eliminating the need for legacy chip-based solutions at the head end as well as in the TV or set-top box, Samsung LYNK ™ saves facilities cost and labor, while also increasing system integrity. Samsung LYNK™ eliminates the need for DRM hardware provisioning and licensing, reducing significant expenses for the hoteliers.

In addition to providing a more cost effective alternative to cumbersome traditional systems, Samsung LYNK’s™ unique design enables system corrections and updates to be made automatically and remotely. In the event that an encrypted video stream is lost, conventional technologies may require that the entire head end device be restarted, leaving all guests without entertainment solutions for an extended period of time. Samsung LYNK’s™ software solution allows a lost stream to be restarted and remedied as an isolated incident, without any additional guest disruption.

Notably, Samsung LYNK™ is also the first technology to enable guests to stream their own content from personal devices to their in-room TV in a secure manner through mobile applications. This advancement offers consumers a way to view content across multiple screens during their stay, mirroring their entertainment experiences at home.

“Samsung understands the pain points faced by customers in the hospitality industry and has tailored products and technology solutions to help address these issues,” explains Jonas Tanenbaum, Vice President of Hospitality at Samsung Electronics America. “Samsung LYNK ™ technology helps our customers better serve their customers, making their business more reliable and cost effective.”

Samsung invested in a multi-year effort to secure the highly selective Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (DTLA) approval, running the technology through rigorous forensic testing to pass just the first level of approval.

Samsung LYNK ™ is upgradable with system firmware updates and allows for content to be unlocked without the need for external devices. Its scalable system offers robust security with integrated watermarking technology that eliminates user-accessible video output. Additionally, the technology includes session-based watermarking to address camcorder piracy threats. The software solution provides efficient system renewability and allows for natural future scalability to expand the hotel’s channel lineup and to respond to future compliance requirements.

“For some time now guests have craved the ability to replicate their at-home viewing experiences in their home away from home,” explained Lee McKenna, Vice President of Marketing for Video Propulsion Interactive Television, Inc. a world leader in hardware and software for high performance, low cost per stream digital content movement. “As a world leader in consumer electronics, Samsung LYNK ™ technology will propel the industry forward and provide the first true alternative to stagnant industry standards.”