Samsung Notebook 9 Pen And Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, Two Beautiful Pcs Built For Creators And Doers – Mar 16, 2019 – Ridgefield Park, NJ (Techreleased) – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced that the Notebook 9 Pen and the Notebook 9 Pro—two modern PCs that are sleek, portable, and powerful—will be available for purchase in the U.S. starting March 17.

The Notebook 9 Pen, which comes with an S-Pen built-in, combines style, power, and versatility to offer a premium 2-in-1 PC experience. The Notebook 9 Pro boasts an exquisite metal exterior, diamond-cut edges, and an ultra-slim body, so you can both show off your sense of style and take advantage of all the top-of-the-line features you need.

The Notebook 9 Pen comes with a 13.3” or 15.0” display. The Notebook 9 Pro is available with a 13.3” display. Full specification and configuration details available below.

The Notebook 9 Pen is a premium 2-in-1 that offers flexibility and portability, allowing you to work the way you want, wherever inspiration strikes.

  • Design: With an all-metal, aluminum frame, the Notebook 9 Pen is durable, stylish, and portable. Featuring a premium metal finish and vibrant Ocean Blue coloring, the Notebook 9 Pen is a beautifully crafted device you can take anywhere.
  • Performance: The Notebook 9 Pen is made to perform. With the latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, fast-charging capabilities, and 15 hours of battery life¹, you’re ready to get things done, on the go.
  • Entertainment: The Notebook 9 Pen provides an immersive entertainment experience. The display offers narrower bezels than its predecessor, vibrant colors, and high brightness levels so you can do your best work, indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re working with music, or taking a break with a movie, you’ll hear clear, pristine audio with sound by AKG. And with new smart amplifier technology, you can turn up the volume and enjoy your favorite content without external speakers.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

The Notebook 9 Pro is re-designed for consumers looking for a beautiful device that brings out their own unique style and keeps up with the pace of everyday life.

  • Design: The Notebook 9 Pro is built with a cool metal exterior, and features fashionable, diamond-cut edges. With a breathtaking display, reduced bezels and a comprehensively-redesigned keyboard, the Notebook 9 Pro is stunning and stylish. Ultra-slim and ultraportable—it’s a device that you can show off anywhere.
  • Performance: The Notebook 9 Pro is packed with performance that delivers ultra-fast processing. It uses the latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and runs on a Windows 10 Home operating system, which makes it perfect for creative-minded professionals looking to bring their products to life. With the Notebook 9 Pro, you don’t have to sacrifice style for performance.
  • Top-Notch Features: The Notebook 9 Pro comes with the Active Pen in the box—which has more than 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity—so you can write, draw, and create for both work and fun.  It also features dual 1.5W stereo speakers with increased maximum volume output, so you can have a totally immersive entertainment experience, and over 14 hours of battery life², so you can get things done wherever and whenever.


The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen will be available for purchase on March 17, starting at $1,399.99 at Amazon and