S Health version 4.5
S Health version 4.5

Samsung Launches S Health Version 4.5 – Sept 22, 2015– Seoul, Korea (Techreleased) – Samsung has launched the next generation of the S Health app, which provides users with more interactive and easy-to-use health functions. The updated app will also include compatibility with non-Samsung Android devices.

S Health version 4.5
S Health version 4.5

S Health version 4.5 is an all-in-one companion for your healthy lifestyle. With the new S Health, users can track their everyday activities, get coaching to reach daily goals, and improve their fitness with curated programs.

With S Health, users can set goals, such as “be more active,” “eat healthier,” or “feel more rested,” and receive tips and rewards for a more interactive experience. Specific programs can also be selected to help accomplish fitness milestones, from a beginner’s first 5K to an avid runner’s 10K time goal including voice guidance to keep runners at their target pace.

Built-in sensors in the Samsung Galaxy and Gear devices will help track heart rate, steps, walking, running, cycling, hiking, sports, sleep, food, water, caffeine, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and Sp02 so that users can easily get a comprehensive overview of their health and fitness status.

S Health supports seamless connection with Samsung’s wearables and smartphones starting from the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now supports non-Samsung Android devices as well.

What’s new in S Health version 4.5:

Dashboard provides a quick summary of daily goals and activities. Dashboard is customizable, so users can easily set own goals, check progress, and see latest tracked values quickly and easily at a glance.

Added health tips based on personalizable user interest categories

Specialized tracker features for select sports such as pace-setter, route selector, exercise summary and power saving mode

Easier, simpler and more intuitive ways to share workouts though social networks

° Add various social badges and routes on the share screen

Added support for more devices

° Non-Samsung Android devices

° All Samsung smartphones since Galaxy S3

*Health tips now available in UK, US and Korea