Russian Space Rocket "Proton-M" Launched From Baikonur
Russian Space Rocket “Proton-M” Launched From Baikonur

Nov 03, 2012– Moscow, Russia  (Techreleased) –Russian Space Rocket “Proton-M” Launched From Baikonur Space center in Kazakhstan carrying Yamal-300K telecoms satellite and Luch 5B relay satellite lifted off early on Saturday.

“The launch was carried out successfully at a scheduled time,” Roscosmos spokesman said.

“The separation of the Yamal satellite from the Briz-M booster is expected at 10.19 a.m. Moscow time [06:19 GMT] followed by the separation of the Luch satellite at 10.33 a.m. Moscow time [06.33 GMT],”

Both satellites have been built by Russia’s Reshetnev space company.

The Yamal-300K will expand the cluster of Yamal class telecoms satellites operated by Gazprom Space Systems (GSS), a telecommunications arm of Russia’s energy giant Gazprom.

The satellite is fitted with a combined payload including eight active 72 MHz transponders in C-band and eighteen active 72 MHz transponders in Ku-band.

Yamal-300K service zone covers 95% of the Russian territory.

The dual-purpose geostationary Luch 5B satellite has been primarily designed to relay live telemetry and other data from low-orbiting space vehicles as they fly beyond the communication range of ground control stations.

It is also capable of tracking low-flying space objects along their trajectories thanks to its two high-precision antennas operating in Ku-band and S-band.