The busy traffic and the tight office schedules combined with the fact that people have to commute long distances to reach their place of work make it difficult for them to find time to visit brick and mortar pharmacies to purchase medicine. More often than not, the hectic work schedule and short deadlines lead to hypertension. In such a situation, individuals must take medicine every day to keep their high blood pressure under control.

Prescription Medicine Online

Statistics reveal that most people who fall into this category often wait until the weekend to purchase their medicine. However, certain patients, especially those who suffer from hypertension, should take medicines daily. If not, they can suffer from more serious ailments including heart attacks. New York, one of the busiest cities in the world, has the maximum number of individuals who fail to take medicines on time.

Thanks to the Internet and to online drug stores as well, it is now possible for individuals to order the medicine they need from online stores. However, one must follow a certain set of procedures before he is able to get a prescription online NYC residents have to register with the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. This ensures that only genuine patients have access to addictive drugs. Apart from this, patients have to renew their registration every two years. The first time one registers online, he or she has to fill out form DOH-4329.

Each individual must make their initial order using form DOH-250. After completing the sign up process, individuals can apply for an HCS account. This is required in case they need to order additional official prescriptions through the net. Once individuals have received their HCS account, they can order official prescriptions online. Order online at

This might sound like a complicated process, but in reality, it is extremely easy. Whenever your stock of medicines is exhausted, just go online, log into the online drug store, and order what you need. You have to make payments by credit or debit card during the checkout process. You will receive your medicines within 24 hours of ordering them. Make sure that someone is present at your home to receive the delivery if you are not. This is one way to get a prescription online NYC residents have come to love, and an increasing number of them are choosing to fill their prescriptions online rather than going to a physical store.

Another advantage of ordering medicines from online stores is that you get genuine stuff. Nowadays, many online stores sell spurious drugs. Instead of improving your health, these drugs, might endanger it. You also pay a lower price than what you pay at a regular pharmacy since there is no commission. Take a turn for the better, and enjoy a healthy and stress free life by keeping your prescriptions filled so you can take your medicines on time. You just need a computer connected to the Internet to place such orders. Save time and money today by ordering your drugs through government approved, online, drug stores.

Daniel Cranes