Aug 30, 2012–Berlin,Germany(Techreleased) –Rediscover your love of music with new ES Series speakers

Innovative design and impeccable craftsmanship deliver natural, immersive sound


· Enjoy rich, natural sound from speakers inspired by the ground-breaking design of the SS-AR1 Series
· Expertly crafted using birch wood, a material renowned for its excellent acoustic qualities
· Hear dynamic, wide-reaching sound at higher frequencies thanks to the new I-ARRAY™ System
Built on sound foundations
ES Series speakers from Sony bring together exquisite build quality, innovative design and exceptional sound reproduction, taking the extraordinary acoustic performance of the acclaimed SS-AR1 Series to the next level.

The new SS-NA2ES floor standing speaker shares the same innovative two-part enclosure construction as its illustrious predecessor. Featuring two separate enclosures – one for the woofer and one for the mid-range and tweeter – it ensures that vibration cannot spill over from one to the other, so the clarity and integrity of the sound is unimpaired.

Premium materials, quality craftsmanship
ES Series speakers are all constructed with birch wood from Northern Europe, a material highly regarded for its acoustic characteristics. It’s not just the cabinets themselves – the internal supports and baffle boards are also made from birch to optimise sound quality. And like the SS-AR1 before it, the ES Series has been created by master craftsmen, trained in the traditional Japanese methods of cabinet making and woodworking.

True to the spirit of the music
In developing the ES Series, the aim was to achieve the most lifelike sound possible, which involved repeated listening tests, not just hard measurements of audio specifications. This meticulous attention to detail is perfectly demonstrated by the new I-ARRAY™ System, which features one main soft dome type tweeter, supported by two smaller ones. By using three tweeters instead of one, I-ARRAY™ helps reproduce higher frequency sound across a wider field, in a similar way to natural vocals.

Likewise, the SS-NA2ES floor standing speaker combines aluminium cone woofers, slightly more flexible spiral pressed paper cones in the mid-range, and fabric-dome tweeters. As the frequencies go up, these markedly different materials ensure consistent sound over the whole range.

Made for movies
The new ES Series also bring an extra layer of audio refinement to your movie-watching experience. Integrate the full range of floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, centre speaker and active subwoofer into your home cinema system and you’ll enjoy film soundtracks in exceptional quality.

The SA-NA9ES active subwoofer even offers two different modes – one for more rhythmical bass reproduction and the other for richer, deeper bass notes. Great fun to experiment with when you’re watching big, booming Hollywood blockbusters.

No stone unturned
“From the carefully selected birch wood used in making the speaker cabinets to the ingenious compartmentalised construction of the floor standing unit,” says Hiromasa Miyamoto, General Manager – Strategic Product Management at Sony Europe, “with the ES series speakers, we’ve done everything we can to make the sound as rich, precise and natural as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or a regular music lover, you’ll notice the difference in every performance.”