Orlando is identified for its theme parks and tourist attractions, making it a bustling place. But there is more in Orlando than just theme parks and its thriving tourism industry. Living in Orlando has some perks that people tend to overlook quite easily.

There are many Orlando moving companies that are willing to assist you in your moving process, so now the tension of moving is resolved. Let’s look at the perks of existing in Orlando and why you should consider moving there.

Accessible living costs

The costs of living in Orlando, FL, are 3% cheaper than the average cost in Florida. If you are looking to relocate to Florida, Orlando is an ideal solution. In all categories apart from housing, Orlando has a lower cost of living compared to Florida. While Orlando’s median house price is $245,400, Sanford’s median home price is just $203,900, making it an admired residential neighborhood on Orlando outskirts.

A Ton of Jobs

In 2019, Orlando was ranked #3 overall for seeking a job in 180 locations, based on a survey conducted by WalletHub. It ranked #1 for employment, the labor market, and work security.

Recent jobs have increased, and unemployment in The Sunshine State has fallen, which offers you enough chances to find a career as you go to the capital.In contrast with the domestic unemployment rate of 3.7%, the most recent unemployment calculation put Orlando at just 3.2%. The hospitality industry has the most employees, as predicted. You can click here about this on the internet.

Education for quality

The public and private school system in Orlando is at the highest level. National honors are granted to schools within this scheme. Schools in Sanford and FL are much higher than district schools in Orange County, making it much more attractive in the Orlando suburb.

One of the top education institutions in the world is the University of Central Florida (UCF), the Full Sail University, the University of Law of Florida A & M, the Florida College of Technology, Valencia, and the University.

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Culture and Arts

The city of Orlando is a thriving city of arts and culture. The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts has recently been opened and provides state-of-the-art access to world-class arts, music, and entertainment.

There are countless possibilities for entertainment besides the Orlando Science Center, the Arts Museum Orlando, the Arts Center Osceola, the Orlando Fringe Festival, the Orlando Neale Hurston Festival, the Orlando Repertory Theater, and the Broadway Around America Orlando season. Hundreds of museums, galleries, theatres, gardens, and historical homes can also be found in the city.


Orlando is a perfect suburb for expressing yourself and be close to nature. It has all the enjoyment site one can wish for amazing restaurants and food. It is best for moving in with your family as it has education support and lively neighborhoods. It has a low crime rate, so no need to worry about your family too much.

Orlando should be on the top of your list if you are considering moving there.