FlySmart with Airbus
FlySmart with Airbus

Nov 29, 2012– Blagnac, France  (Techreleased) – Qantas has become a launch customer for the ‘FlySmart with Airbus’ cockpit applications on iPad. These ‘Electronic Flight Bag’ (EFB) applications will be used by all pilots in the airline who fly Airbus aircraft.

The Airbus EFB solution for iPad was announced at the Farnborough Air Show earlier this year and Qantas has been working closely with Airbus since the launch of the project. Qantas pilots took part in testing the Airbus applications and worked with Airbus engineers to help define the best iPad EFB applications for the pilot community.

The Airbus iPad EFB applications will soon be delivered to Qantas as well as to a growing number of launch customers worldwide who have chosen the system. Pilots around the world will soon be able to consult all their Airbus operational manuals on iPad. They will also be able to compute their aircraft performance calculations which will provide them with optimised and accurate results on any runway of their operational route network.

Qantas’ Head of Flight Technical, Captain David Oliver, said: “We’re pleased to be working with Airbus on this innovative new EFB application, which will form part of the broader roll-out of iPads to all Qantas pilots over the coming months. Qantas is committed to new technology that reduces paperwork in the cockpit and improves access to information for our pilots, and this app very much meets that requirement.”

Didier Lux Executive Vice President of Airbus’ Customer Services commented: “We are delighted that Qantas has become a launch customer for the iPad FlySmart with Airbus EFB apps following our close collaboration during the development phase of the project.” He adds: “We have listened to our customers’ requirements for a lightweight alternative to PC operating system EFB devices.”

A pioneer in providing EFB applications to the industry with the goal of creating the ‘paperless’ cockpit 15 years ago, Airbus is again leading the way in achieving this important leap in technology by combining its EFB content with the iPad.