Trousers Printing
Trousers Printing - Consumer Technology

Printed trousers are just one of the many customisable clothing options available, providing you with your own unique designs which are perfect for sports teams, societies, clubs, special occasions and more. You can add details such as nicknames, team names and more as well as choose your own colours and logo to provide you with an original item which people won’t be able to get anywhere else. We give you some ideas on the different options for custom printed trousers below to give you a better idea of the choices available to you.

Trousers Printing
Trousers Printing – Consumer Technology

Work Uniforms

Designing your own printed trousers for uniform is a cost effective way to put your company’s logo and details out there as well as unite your work force and give your business a more professional look. There are different types available suitable for different industries, for example cargo trousers and utility trousers for manufacturers, labourers and more whilst waterproof, jogging bottoms and other kinds of sports trousers are great for those who work in the leisure industry.

Sports Teams

Sports teams in schools, universities and others can benefit from having printed trousers as part of their team’s uniform. A number of sports teams chose to have custom trousers including football, rugby, netball, cheerleading and more as part of their uniform. Choose styles in your team’s colours; add logos and mottos as well as your team members’ names and numbers for a great look. Styles can be used for playing kits as well as social wear, training gear and more, giving you plenty of options to kit out your team.

Clubs and Societies

It’s not just sports teams that can benefit from printed trousers, any club or society will look great with its own custom designed trousers to show off what they do as well as give members an extra benefit. Depending on the activity of your club or society, you may want to choose trousers in materials which reflect the nature of your activity – for example ramblers could opt for custom waterproofs and other trouser types designed for outdoor wear.

Trips and Parties

It is more and more common to see groups and parties kitted out in printed trousers. From stag and hen parties to special birthdays and trips away, printed trousers are a fantastic way to celebrate the event and join everyone together. You’ll also benefit from having the trousers as a reminder of your trip long after it’s over!

Printed trousers can be designed in a wide range of styles according to your personal tastes and needs with a range of colour options as well as trouser types to choose from. Designing your own trousers is a fun way to join a team or club together as well as offer practical uniform solutions for businesses. The process is easy and your personal logos, names and details can all be included to give you a truly unique item that will set you apart from everyone else.

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