Porsche Design And Huawei Reveal The New Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 Rs – Oct 17, 2018 – London, UK (Techreleased) – Porsche Design and Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) unveiled the new PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS Series smartphone today, the latest mobile luxury device created through the collaboration between Porsche Design and Huawei.

Artisan Leather Flanks

The PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS racing stripe motifs are put together with all-natural leather and glass. Aligned vertically at the back of the device, the unique design provides a sporty, striking contrast that is instantly recognizable—the leather sides add a natural, personal touch to the design,

The handcrafted semi-aniline top grain leather integrated into the design of PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS is soft yet highly durable, able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Being a product of passion and ingenuity, this device it is a celebration of craftsmanship and innovation.

Ultimate Performance

The PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS is powered by a high-performance chipset—Kirin 980, which is manufactured using the cutting-edge 7 nm process. With the Dual-NPU, the new Kirin chipset enables the smartphone to strike the perfect balance between high performance and state-of-the-art power efficiency, even when running at full throttle.

Ultimate Identification

The PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS features an In-Screen Fingerprint sensor. Huawei has evolved the design of its sensor with Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology to achieve improved success rate and up to 30 percent better recognition speed1 . The device displays a prompt whenever it detects a finger is hovering above the sensor. Once the authentication process is complete, the unobtrusive prompt quickly disappears into the background.

Ultimate Energy

The PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS houses an industry leading 4200 mAh (typical value) battery that supports German TÜV Safe Fast-Charge System Certified 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge technology. Tested relentlessly to the limits by Huawei’s engineers, the battery in PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS supports more than a full day of intensive use, and can be charged back at unprecedented speeds.

Ultimate Design

The frontal view of the PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 20 RS is symmetrical. Porsche Design and Huawei have evolved the lower bezel in favor of a larger screen size, providing consumers with even more display space for any work or play usage scenario.

A Leather Smart View Flip Case complements the new device. Made of the same natural leather as the back of the device, it offers additional protection to the exquisite handset, while leaving an opening for the FullView display to show information including time and notifications, as well as the Porsche Design logo.