Aug 16, 2012–New Britain,USA (Techreleased) –The Fluid Control Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced a family of new active thermal regeneration solutions to the diesel industry to help reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides emissions.

Parker’s custom engineered solutions provide precise atomization and fuel delivery for burner system applications. Designed for effective and reliable service in a variety of medium- to heavy-duty diesel engine applications, the components include the following:

• The Air Atomization Module manages the fuel, atomization air and purge air that is sent to the burner.

• The Fuel Delivery Module consists of a positive displacement gerotor style fuel pump and a safety shutoff valve. The pump has the ability to draw from a fuel tank or can be used as a booster pump in the engine’s return fuel circuit.

• The Integrated Combustion Air Valve controls the air flow provided to the burner. The air is generally provided by a variable geometry turbocharger.

The components are fully integrated, tested and calibrated, resulting in smaller packaging envelopes, improved reliability, lower installed costs and few maintenance requirements. For more information on Parker Fluid Control Division’s active thermal regeneration solutions