Pantech’s Vega Iron Revealed – Apr 29, 2013– Seoul, Korea  (Techreleased) – Pantech has finally revealed Pantech’s Vega Iron, the object of its ambitious, and highly secret, innovative design project.

Pantech held a media day event at the Pantech R&D Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul, on April 18 to introduce its premium LTE smart phone “Vega Iron” (Model Name: IM-A870S/K/L)—the world’s first phone with an endless metal rim.

Pantech’s Vega Iron
Pantech’s Vega Iron

Pantech’s Vega Iron Details

The company says the name, “Vega Iron” was chosen because it reflects the phone’s strong characteristics.

Pantech’s Vega Iron represents Pantech’s strong desire to re-build its Vega brand image in the Korean market by delivering unique value through innovative design, the highest screen definition, advanced technology, and more user-oriented and smarter UX.

Innovative design created by technology … the world’s first phone with an endless metal and jewelry lighting

Pantech satisfies design and practicality through the use of highly attractive, yet completely durable, endless metal. In particular, endless metal was created by Pantech and the Vega Iron marks the first time for its application in a phone. The metal is put through several processes such as metal abrading, polishing, and hairlining (a process which makes microscopic lines in order to smooth the surface) before being applied to the phone.

Endless metal protects the phone from external shocks through its firmness and durability, and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Moreover, jewelry lighting, most commonly used to spotlight jewelry in stores, is applied to the top of the phone, adding more uniqueness to the design. The elaborate full-duplex LED screen has seven light indicators (red, yellow, green, blue, etc.) for calling, messaging, SNS, battery status and so on that are controlled according to user settings and can even be seen when the phone is face down. The lights definitely give the feeling of luxury and compliment the smooth beauty of the endless metal.

Highest definition in the tradition of screen-oriented phones … the world’s first high bright in-cell display and minimized bezel of 2.4mm

Vega Iron maximizes viewing pleasure by minimizing bezel size to the greatest extent possible and offering a full screen LCD with a 5 percent brighter and clearer picture than other LCD screens.

This 5-inch in-cell display is the world’s first to offer significantly improved color quality, visibility, and viewing angles by raising the penetration ratio of light up to 94 percent. This means that compared to competitor products, users of Vega Iron can enjoy natural colors and bright and clear picture quality even under poor lighting conditions in and outdoors, and wide visibility from various angles.

Moreover, the in-cell display seamlessly unifies the screen and front glass, increasing enjoyment of multi-media contents.

Furthermore, Pantech has realized the world’s top-level technology with the Vega Iron’s zero bezels. The Vega Iron’s bezels measure 2.4 millimeters—the thinnest in the world—which allow for the highest screen ratio of 75.7 percent. The navigation bar can be adjusted to the 5-inch screen in full screen mode through user control of the location, shape, and height of the bar.



Outstanding performance based on cutting-edge technology … metal antenna, 1.7GHz quad core and Giga WiFi, and greatest battery capacity

The Vega Iron is the result of edge-cutting technology and was created based on Pantech’s philosophy that smart-phones must satisfy customer needs.

The Vega Iron is equipped with a metal antenna—the technology for which even global smart phone makers do not yet possess. Pantech’s metal antenna technology—the first in the world to use the phone’s endless metal rim as an antenna—was realized based on Pantech’s 20 years of know-how. The technology offers better antenna performance and completely solves the serious problem of low-receiving sensitivity while using metal materials.

Vega Iron offers the fastest transmission speed ever through the operation of 4APs of the optimized 1.7GHz Quad-core chip (Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 Processor) simultaneously. The phone is also equipped with a Giga WiFi-supporting module, which makes it possible to download a 1 GB high definition video in 20 seconds—three times faster than the existing WiFi 802.11n (150Mbps), and four times faster than other LTEs.

Vega Iron also removes customer concerns over battery capacity, as it is equipped with Pantech’s unique battery capacity optimization technology. Although it has a 2,150mAh battery, it innovatively reduces battery power consumption through optimizing the power consumption level of CPU, GPU and LCD, resulting in battery life that meets or surpasses that of 3,000mAh smart phones under the same conditions.

Full recharging time has been reduced to 87 minutes due to Vega Iron’s high-speed recharging system in consideration of heat and battery life (50 percent of its battery can be recharged in 30 minutes).

User-oriented smarter UX

– Intelligent CameraVega Iron boasts an “intelligent mode,” which is most commonly applied to high-end digital cameras. Intelligent mode provides the optimal conditions by recognizing the circumstances. Its nine modes (close-up, landscape, indoors, etc.) enhance picture quality.

– Voice RecognitionThe voice recognition function combined with the local engine method enables the phone to process the user’s commands faster and more accurately through a voice recognition engine loaded on the phone, even when it is not connected to a network. For example, saying “Hi, Vega” into the phone automatically operates the voice recognition function so that the phone’s main functions including screen unlocking, home menu, brightness, WiFi, camera, internet, video player etc, can be controlled by the voice.

– Gaze RecognitionThe gaze recognition function enables the front-side camera to recognize the gaze which in turn operates the phone. Pantech has improved on its original motion recognition technology (launched in October, 2011), adding four new features: screen on, screen direction, pause video, and screen scroll.

– V ProtectionV Protection is a privacy protection service with special security functions that allow the phone to follow the commands of lock phone, unlock phone, and initialize phone, even when the phone is missing, preventing personal information saved in the phone from being misused by others.

Vega Iron runs on Jelly Bean, the latest Android OS (Android 4.1.2), and comes in two colors: white and black.

Lee Jun-woo, CEO and president of Pantech, speaking about the new model said, “Vega Iron is a masterwork resulting from an almost 2-year flat-out effort from all Pantech members. It, along with Vega No.6, possesses the unique, differentiated value only Pantech can offer.”

Strategy of the Vega brand