Pantech Discover LTE Smartphone
Pantech Discover LTE Smartphone
Pantech Discover LTE Smartphone
Pantech Discover LTE Smartphone

Jan 10, 2013– Seoul, Korea  (Techreleased) – Pantech will launch Discover (model: P9090)’, an LTE smartphone with dual speakers through AT&T, a US mobile carrier, according to a Pantech spokesman on January 11 (local time).

What is attracting most attention with the Discover smartphone are the dual speakers located at the left and right side of its upper panel. Discover has been developed to satisfy the needs of U.S. consumers who want to enjoy multimedia content with excellent sound quality even from a smartphone.

Pantech, which became the first Korean handset producer who installed dual speakers on a smartphone in 2011, has developed the Discover smartphone using their knowhow. Thus, Discover offers top-quality sound even though it is just a smartphone.

As Discover has the stereophonic effect through its ‘3D sound solution’, its users can enjoy real sound as if they were at a concert or in a movie theater when they listen to music or watch a video through their smartphone.

Another strength is Discover’s streamlined design which makes the smartphone look soft. In particular, the back of Discover has been designed to have soft curves so that its dual speakers can stand out. The streamlined design not only differentiates Discover from other smartphones, most of which have flat backs, but also offers excellent grip and feels convenient when gripping the phone with one hand.

By launching Discover, Pantech will introduce its revolutionary features, which have already been unveiled in the Korean market, in the North American market for the first time. Discover has a variety of cutting-edge features such as ‘motion recognition’ which enables users to answer calls or change display screen with hand movements, ‘smart voice’, a voice recognition function, and ‘mini window’ which enables users to listen to music or watch videos through a small window.

It also supports the ‘Pantech Easy Experience’ mode for those who want simpler user environments or who are not accustomed to using smartphones. By choosing this mode, users can execute several basic functions such as making a call and sending a message on one home display screen.

Besides these features, ‘Discover’ features a 12.60 megapixel camera, the Android version of Ice Cream Sandwich and a Qualcomm one-chip MSM8960 processor, and it supports an LTE network.

“Discover is an LTE smartphone in which the needs of the North American market and the revolutionary features of Pantech have been reflected, and we expect it will convey differentiated values to consumers,” said Shin Hak-hyeon, head of the Overseas Marketing Headquarters of Pantech. He added, “We will speed up making inroads into the North American LTE market in 2013, starting with Discover”.

As a result of turning its attention to the North American LTE market with great agility, Pantech have succeeded in occupying fifth position in terms of market share in the third quarter of 2012 (according to the Strategy Analytics’ data for the third quarter of 2012).

The strategy to develop products in which the needs of the local market and Pantech’s revolutionary features had been reflected has proved effectual before. Pantech plans to maintain the same basic strategy this year and to launch a variety of new products in a move to enhance and reinforce their position and status in the North American LTE market.