Pantech Releases VEGA LTE-A Through SK Telecom – Aug 26, 2013– Detroit, USA  (Techreleased) – Pantech announced the release of its “VEGA LTE-A (IM-A880S)”, the world’s first phone with fingerprint recognition and rear touch feature through SK Telecom on Aug. 19. The best phone of its generation is now released at the very reasonable price of just 878,900 won.

Pantech VEGA LTE-A
Pantech VEGA LTE-A

Pantech joined hands with SK Telecom to catapult the VEGA LTE-A into a leadership position in the LTE-A market. The phone’s innovative and unrivaled features are already attracting the world’s attention. Pantech opened a pop-up store on Garosu Street in Seoul on Aug. 7 to give consumers an opportunity to experience the VEGA LTE-A.

Pantech’s Domestic Marketing Strategies Director Cho Young-sik explained, “VEGA LTE-A is an ace card up our sleeve that makes us a leader in the fierce global LTE-A smartphone market. We’ll do diverse marketing activities to approach more consumers.”

For the purchasers of VEGA LTE-A, Pantech and SK Telecom provides the ‘Smart Flip’ that enables the use of key functions such as checking remaining battery capacity, messages and SNS and answering calls through the indicator icon on the upper bar of the phone without opening the cover. Those who purchase the phone by Sept. 30 can use an additional 1GB data and watch BTV mobile for three months for free.

The VEGA LTE-A supports the world’s first LTE-A over SK Telecom’s network, boasting a processing speed that is twice the speed of existing LTEs, allowing users to enjoy the world’s largest 5.6-inch HD display.

The ‘Secret Key’, lauded as one of the unrivaled functions of VEGA LTE-A for its supporting of fingerprint recognition and rear touch function, improves single-handed use of the phone as well as eliminates user anxiety over unintended personal information leaks with smartphones.