Pantech VEGA N˚ 6
Pantech VEGA N˚ 6

Jan 31, 2013– Seoul, Korea  (Techreleased) – Pantech has declared the opening of the age of smartphones for viewing images by launching a full-HD LTE smartphone for the first time in Korea. The smartphone with its crystal clear and sleek display is designed to maximize the pleasure of viewing images on a smartphone.

Pantech, the third-largest handset producer in Korea, unveiled ‘Vega N˚ 6 Full HD (Model: IM-A860S/K/L)’, the nation’s first 6 inch-class full-HD smartphone on January 28. The new handset goes on sale in February through all three domestic mobile carriers at a price of 849,000 won.

The pet name of the new handset has been determined as ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’. The pet name contains the concept that the new handset features a 6 inch-class screen for the first time in Korea. The name also reflects the company’s will to become the second largest domestic LTE smartphone maker by taking the initiative in the competition for image quality and screen size, which have emerged as hot issues in the domestic smartphone market.

‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ has six strong features as follows: ▲ The nation’s first 6 inch-class full-HD display ▲ ‘V Touch’, the nation’s first back-touch technology ▲ The nation’s first full-HD 30 fps forward facing camera (along with a 13m back facing camera) ▲ ‘V Protection’, a strong security function that can be remote-controlled ▲Upgraded super strong battery pack ▲ FLUX 1.7 UX which allows users to easily use the device with one hand. These features show Pantech’s strong will to make ‘VEGA NO6 Full HD’ a masterpiece of the smartphones produced by Korean handset makers.

■ Crystal clear and sleek display … the nation’s first 6 inch-class full-HD LTE smartphone

By combining full-HD display and a 6 inch-class large screen, ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ has accomplished crystal clear and sleek image quality that has never been experienced by users before now. As full-HD images are added to Pantech’s Natural IPS Pro Display, featuring natural and rich senses of color, ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ offers a crystal clear and sleek display nearly 2.3 times clearer than ordinary HD displays. In particular, the 6 inch-class (5.9-inch) screen is most suitable for users to enjoy full-HD images with the naked eye. Thus, users can not only enjoy images with the same clarity as those on their PC through a smartphone, without having to expand them, but also have the pleasure of viewing full-HD content through a larger screen.

■ Single-handed manipulation of the large-screen smartphone … ‘V Touch’, the nation’s first back-touch technology

Pantech, which introduced the revolutionary features such as motion recognition and smart voice, has unveiled another revolutionary feature with their ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ smartphone. ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ features the so-called ‘V Touch’, a function on which Pantech’s state-of-the-art technology has been concentrated. To ease single-handed manipulation of the large screen, Pantech has added a touch pad on the back of the device for the first time in Korea. Users can change displays, take a call or run applications by touching the pad with an index finger without having to use their other hand.

s per second (fps) as well as Vega’s 13.0 megapixel 13m back facing camera, these have been acknowledged by Kim Joong-man, a renowned professional photographer in Korea. When shooting a video film with its forward camera, users can speedily get a clear video film because they can take 30 images a second. Also, by using its backward facing camera, to which the ‘Blue Filter’ has been applied, users can take pictures of excellent image quality which can be compared to those taken by a DSLR. The ‘Vega Remote Shot’ function, where the camera can be remote-controlled, has also been added on the ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ smartphone. The ‘Vega Remote Shot’ function connects two devices with each other which are far away with a camera. This function makes it possible to take pictures by sharing images on a real time basis, and thus users can take pictures at long range using the large-screen smartphone more easily.

■ ‘V Protection’, a strong security function that can be remote-controlled

‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ features a strong security function so that user’s personal information can never be revealed even if the phone is lost. By activating the remote control services, users can lock, unlock or initialize the data of their phone through Vega Service Center’s website ( if they lose their phone. Simultaneously as initializing the data, a user can use data-locking services. Although the user may not request data-locking services, the locking function is automatically activated when the USIM chip is changed, so that the user’s personal information can never be misused.

■ Upgraded super strong battery pack

‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ features a super strong battery pack which has been continually upgraded. The phone offers a battery with capacity of 3,140mAh, the highest among smartphones in Korea, which can be fully charged in just 2 hours, and a compact-sized 2-port charger which is easy to carry. Therefore its users can feel free to enjoy fancy and crystal clear multimedia content through the phone without worrying about battery.

■ FLUX 1.7 UX which allows users to easily use the device with one hand

‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ is a smartphone which has been produced based on Pantech’s philosophy that cellphones should be manipulated by one hand. In developing the handset, Pantech has focused on the single-handed manipulation of the device in terms of the user interface (UX). Since the device offers a ‘one-hand control’, which enables users to easily enter text with one hand by moving the key pad, a video controller and dialer from side to side, users can enjoy the 6 inch-class large screen with single-handed manipulation.

In addition, by supporting the ‘multi mini window’, which enables users to run up to 9 functions at the same time through small windows, ‘tablet view,’ which shows details as well as the related list on one screen, and other features, ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ offers a graphic UI so that its users can use the 6 inch-class large screen efficiently and enjoy full-HD images.

The ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ smartphone runs on Jelly Bean 4.1 platform, Android’s latest operating system, and will be sold in two colors first – white and black.

“The term ‘Vega’ means the brightest star in the sky (SKY-model products),” said Lee Jun-woo, vice president of Pantech Co., Ltd. “In that sense, I am sure ‘VEGA N˚6 Full HD’ will break new ground in the pleasure of viewing (images).”