Panasonic W900 Steam Iron
Panasonic W900 Steam Iron

Oct 31, 2012– London, UK  (Techreleased) – New design set to revolutionize ironing – introducing the new Panasonic W900 Steam Iron. Ironing, love it or loathe it, we all want it done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Recent research carried out by Panasonic discovered that the average ironing time in Europe, is between 60-90 minutes.

The arrival of the new W series Panasonic Steam Iron, with its assertive, stream-lined styling and intricate detailing, is set to revolutionize the onerous chore for good. The model has a unique curved and double-headed soleplate design that glides effortlessly and smoothly in all directions, coming into soft contact with fabrics, without getting stuck.

The soleplate of the Panasonic W920 made from Alumite, has also been patented by Panasonic. Alumite (anodized aluminium), is also used in the construction of automobile engines, helping to prevent wear and tear of parts; the iron’s design borrows from this principle in making the plate scratch-proof.

Zeena Hill, UK Marketing Manager, Panasonic Home Appliances explains: “This is an iron packed with well considered, design detail that has received 360˚ attention. We’re providing a high quality design solution that will appeal to men as well as women.”

The W920’s easy to grip arm has been ergonomically designed for comfort, and the product’s body weight is evenly distributed to ensure good balance. The easy to view rear is another innovative idea to improve functionality; since the edges of the soleplate can always be seen from above, while ironing, movements can be more precise – perfect for trouble spots areas such as cuffs and collars. An impressive steam function will also combat hard wrinkle areas on tough fabrics such as denim and is easy.

A unique force, The Panasonic W920 Steam Iron is the essential new power tool for the kitchen or utility room.