Oct 31, 2012– London, UK  (Techreleased) – Introducing the new Small Kitchen Appliances – The bold and ambitious design aesthetics of Panasonic’s new range of small domestic appliances: the Panasonic Kettle NC-ZK1 / NC-DK, the Panasonic Toaster NT-ZP1 / NT-DP1 and the Panasonic Coffee Maker NC-ZF1 / NC-DF1 all confidently challenge convention; setting a new benchmark for idiosyncratic interior style.

Recognizing that the kitchen is often the creative hub and pulse of the modern home, the clean, contemporary lines of the new Panasonic collection is a response to a desire for enigmatic and intelligent design that will complement different kitchen styles, without compromising functionality. Particular attention and importance has also been given to the innovative use of high quality materials that further assure iconic design status for the new range.

To celebrate the launch, the new small kitchen appliances were exhibited at the Kitchen Culture exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The enigmatic and intelligent designs of the appliances were complemented by works of art inspired by modern domestic environments and context by artists like Sophie Dickens, Cosmo Sarson, Mike Ward and others.

Packed with a sensible no-frills approach to design details, such as embedded blue LED indicators, the new Panasonic products are easy to use and handle. The range also incorporates on trend colour options to suit different style preferences and budgets: high gloss white or black, while for more serious design connoisseurs, the choice of either a grey, or violet glass finish, provides a striking counterpoint to the seriously smooth & robust stainless steel finish.


Panasonic Toaster NT-ZP1 / NT-DP1

Panasonic Toaster NT-ZP1 / NT-DP1
Panasonic Toaster NT-ZP1 / NT-DP1

A new take on the familiar rectangle, the Panasonic toaster introduces gently, curved corners that bring the design bang up to date. Based on a good understanding of the huge variety of breads now more widely available, the toaster has a dual grill function that has been specifically designed for the UK consumer in mind and is suitable for different bread slice sizes, and comes with a warming rack built in, perfect for warming croissants and buns. A cool-touch application; the use of stainless steel to promote excellent thermal protection, an illuminating browning control indicator panel, all conclude a safe and durable, state of the art approach to toasting.

Panasonic Kettle NC-ZK1 / NC-DK1

Panasonic Kettle

The handsome, robust shape of the new Panasonic kettle’s unique design, introduces a new dimension to the jug kettle idea, affirming this new kettle’s status as one of the modern kitchen’s most essential tools.

A glass water level window ensures easy viewing and the kettle’s sturdy handle is fit for purpose. The kettle sits on a rotating power base for 360̊ use and tidy placement against a wall, or in awkward corners.

Panasonic Coffee Maker NC-ZF1 / NC-DF1

Panasonic Coffee Maker

The strong cubic shape fuses well engineered design principles with modern function. Marking a new trend and return to quality filter coffee, the new Panasonic coffee maker provides a solution to making a quick and efficient way to making good quality coffee in three easy steps. The product comes with a mesh filter and an ‘aroma control,’ it can also be used for brewing tea.

Zeena Hill, UK Marketing Manager, Panasonic Home Appliances, confirms: “Beware shrinking violets. These products are big hitters in design terms; they have their own presence and personality and are aimed at an already design savvy consumer who is looking for the Next Big Thing.”