DMC-GX1 In New LUMIX GX Series
DMC-GX1 In New LUMIX GX Series

Nov 21, 2012– Brussels, Belgium  (Techreleased) – Panasonic introduces the DMC-GX1, a new system camera with interchangeable lens. The DMC-GX1 is the first camera in the new top range of the LUMIX G Micro System series: GX. The camera offers a high quality image, stunning performance, is remarkably fast and is one of the most compact cameras throughout the LUMIX G Series.

The LUMIX G Micro System creates high quality images with lifelike detail thanks to excellent resolution and image and color reproduction. The 16.0-megapixel Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine to be fully exploited. This is footage shot in low light and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800, amazingly clear and have a very sharp resolution.

The Precision Contrast AF system of LUMIX G Micro System is even faster with a Light Speed AF of approximately 0.09 seconds. In addition, making consecutive shooting is also improved to 4.2 fps at a maximum resolution of 16.0 megapixels.

The DMC-GX1 allows recording in 1920 x 1080 Full HD video with stereo sound in AVCHD format which is a better quality in terms of compression efficiency and friendliness when played on AV equipment. When making video recordings provides the user with an advanced AF system including practical full-time AF and AF Tracking, so every photographer with ease can make high quality video recordings.

Explanation key specifications

1. Superior image quality for a system camera with interchangeable lens

The LUMIX G Micro System realizes high-quality images with lifelike detail using excellent resolution and image and color reproduction. The 16.0-megapixel Live MOS sensor is largely responsible for the high quality picture. The special circuit reads out signals with minimum noise, so that noise is reduced by more than 66%.

The maximum ISO of the DMC-GX1 is 12800. When shooting with a high ISO speed improves the S / N ratio by about 200% compared with the conventional 12.1-megapixel sensor. The sensor performance improves by 6db at ISO 3200 and up 9db at ISO 6400, which makes for a fantastic clear picture without noise.

Besides the fast signal by means of the three CPUs, Venus Engine image processor delivers even better performance by using a technology that reduces the noise which makes for even higher quality images. Because accurate color noise from luminance noise are separated on the basis of the optimal noise reduction to each, you can capture clear images even when shooting at high ISO speeds. By preventing the color mixing which often occurred at the edges, any color noise, not only in the transitions, but also on the edges, effectively controlled.

The image processor also provides selective noise reduction to the outline so that a natural equilibrium in the curve without having a negative effect on the resolution. Details are maintained by an optimal combination of the data processed with resolution priority for the edges and NR-priority for smooth part of a picture (in an image at ISO 3200 or higher. Unavailable in iA and iA Plus mode .)

All interchangeable lenses from the LUMIX G Micro System series, 14 meanwhile, can be used on the new GX1. Thus, one for each type of inclusion and opportunity a suitable lens, including the new power zoom X lens, but also a standard zoom lens, telephoto zoom lens with fixed focal length, wide angle lens, fish-eyelens and macro lens.

2. Advanced AF system

All cameras in the LUMIX G Micro System series used as contrast AF focusing system. Compared with the phase-difference AF system, Contrast AF provides greater accuracy, especially when shooting with a bright lens and a large aperture. (Contrast AF is for example about 90% accurate, while Phase Difference AF about 60% accurate at F1.4).

The DMC-GX1 features an ultra fast Light Speed AF * of about 0.09 seconds, which is made possible by reducing the detection time for focusing, because the lens and sensor at 120 fps are synchronized. The advanced contrast AF system allows the DMC-GX1 is not only accurate but also significantly faster than DSLR cameras from the top segment with Phase-difference AF.

The new focus mode AFF (AF Flexible) focuses on the subject while the shutter button is pressed, but if the subject is moving, this happens again in order to get the best results. Combined with the Touch AF control is set and the focus on a subject is incredibly quick and easy, so never a spontaneous moment is missed. The DMC-GX1 uses Contrast AF function also captures Full-area focusing to offer, so that focus can be at any point in the image field.

Using the touchscreen of the DMC-GX1, users can immediately focus on the subject by touching it on the large, 460,000-pixel LCD screen with wide viewing angle and can even operate the shutter. With a single touch on the screen, choose the one part and the size of AF area with the 1-area AF. In addition, the DMC-GX1 Pinpoint AF function allows even more precise focus by the focus area to further increase, for example, the pupil of an eye.

The DMC-GX1 comes with Level Gauge function that allows the camera to the horizontal / vertical viewing angle detected by the acceleration sensor. Photos that are taken in portrait format are automatically displayed vertically whatever lens is used. If the power of the zoom lens LUMIX G Micro System range is used, the zoom can be operated via touchscreen control. The zoom speed can be adjusted in two steps.

In the MF assist mode can be an area 1x, 4x, 5x or 10x by touching the area and easily moved by dragging on the screen. The image is displayed on the composition 4x magnified screen so there can be accurately focus while composing the whole picture can be determined.

3. Simple manual operation with various support functions for shooting

Despite its outstanding compactness, the DMC-GX1 smooth and easy to operate by the optimal layout of the controls, the new knob, the turn-and-push-button and the special function buttons. If the user adjusts the setting of functions, these adjustments can be stored under the two external buttons and 2 menus in the software tab so they are directly accessible. In addition, a total of 4 user settings are stored in the camera (1 under C1 for direct use and 3 in C2).

The DMC-GX1 comes with Level Gauge function that allows the camera to the horizontal / vertical viewing angle detected by the acceleration sensor. Photos that are taken in portrait format are automatically displayed vertically whatever lens is used.
If the power of the zoom lens LUMIX G Micro System range is used, the zoom can be operated via touchscreen control. The zoom speed can be adjusted in two steps.

Although the development of the DMC-GX1 was sought maximum compactness, Panasonic has not skimped on the equipment of camera such as built-in flash (GN7.6, ISO160).
4. Attention to detail in every part of the camera

Since this camera is the new premium GX-series of the LUMIX G Micro System range is there no mention of the appearance skimped. The ergonomically designed grip fits the flat appearance of the DMC-GX1, but still ensures that the camera is easy to hold. The grip is molded from resin and elastomer so it fits comfortably in the hand. The DMC-GX1 is equipped with an accessory shoe for an external flash or for the new Live View Finder DMW-LVF2 (both are optional accessories).
5. 1920 x 1080 Full HD quality video recordings

The LUMIX G Micro System is the camera that not only high-quality photos but also beautiful video recording. The AVCHD format is the recording time in HD quality almost twice as long as with the conventional Motion JPEG format. With a special, separate button on the top, the user can immediately start making videos while shooting, without additional parameters must be set. The DMC-GX1 can record high-resolution full-HD videos 1920 x 1080 at 50i (PAL) in AVCHD (25p [PAL]) record.

The DMC-GX1 offers besides the practical full-time AF function also Touch AF for video recording, which the user can alternate as a professional focus on the foreground and background. If one simply the camera toward a subject is automatically focused on making it extra attention.

With Dolby ® Digital Stereo Creator, high-quality sound can be recorded. There is also a Wind Cut function to the disturbing sound of wind in the background is largely eliminated. While recording a video can take a picture by simply pressing the shutter button. In addition, images can be cut out from the video and the unwanted part of a video are removed with the aid of the Video Divide function.

Videos can be recorded in MP4 Full HD 1920 x 1080 (25p) format and instantly played back on a PC or portable electronic devices without having to convert the file.
6. Excellent performance in terms of power, speed and image

Because the electrical design is optimized and rationalized, the DMC-GX1 performs exceptionally well in terms of energy consumption and the battery life about 11% longer than the DMC-G3, which uses the same battery (DMW-BLD10). The DMC-GX1 is now possible with a mechanical shutter series of shots of 4.2 fps with a maximum resolution of 16.0 megapixels.

It is also possible to use the Burst mode with 20 fps in high-speed electronic shutter, and to select, depending on the speed of the moving subject, after which the best recording can later be selected.

The Intelligent D-range Control now offers even more natural images with the exposure for each part of the image optimization. The function prevents thereby to black shadows and overexposed white areas, and helps to ensure that details and transitions, such as the blue of the sky, beautifully displayed.

The DMC-GX1 fits the Intelligent Resolution technology for optimal signal from all parts of the image so that the entire image breathtaking natural brightness with very many details given.

The cameras in the LUMIX G Micro System range are equipped with a highly efficient Dust Reduction System. If changing the lens dust or debris gets inside the camera, it could cling to the image sensor and show up as a spot in the photos. The Dust of the DMC-GX1 helps eliminate this possibility because a supersonic wave filter is placed in front of the Live MOS sensor. This filter vibrates vertically around 50,000 times per second and thus repels dust and other particles.

The DMC-GX1 is compatible with UHS-I standard for SDXC / SDHC memory cards and thus benefits from the fast data transfer.
7. Functions for artistic use of colors and the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode Plus

The DMC-GX1 is artistic not only in form but also in function. The unit is equipped with many features to help you capture vivid images and can create their own beautifully expressive images. Creative Control offers a range of different color modes.

Even with Photo Style photos can be adapted to the artistic needs of the user. In Custom mode, these settings can be fully customized according to the user-desired color effect.
The modes Photo Style and Creative Control allows users of all experience levels, their photos more impressive and more enjoyable by creating their own add style.
8. Numerous options for further expandability

The Micro Four Thirds System products complement the existing Four Thirds System line to the user’s digital cameras with interchangeable lens to provide even better than before. In addition to the LUMIX G lenses, the LUMIX DMC-GX1 all desired interchangeable lenses are made that are compatible with the Four Thirds System standard via an optional mount adapter.

On the accessory shoe on the top of the camera, the optional Tilt Live View Finder (DMW-LVF2) with a magnification of approximately 1.4x (approx. 0.7x *), comparable with 1.44 million pixels, and a field of view of 100% be confirmed. * Equivalent to a 35mm camera