WV-CP624E Security Camera
WV-CP624E Security Camera

Nov 29, 2012– Sydney, Australia  (Techreleased) – Panasonic launches two new WV-CP300 series and WV-CP624E Security Cameras. Panasonic Australia today expanded its security range with three new cameras developed specifically with a full spectrum of demanding security and surveillance applications in mind. The range includes two competitively-priced WV- CP300 series fixed day/night cameras, and the WV-CP624E compact day/night fixed camera with Super Dynamic 6 technology.

The two new WV-CP300 series colour surveillance cameras feature a newly developed Digital Signal Processor (DSP), providing improved image quality in attractive, cost-effective units. The standout WV-CP624E network camera’s Super Dynamic 6 technology allows it to deliver a far wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.

The DSP on the two WV-CP300 series cameras uses image processing to automatically detect dark areas inside an image, applying the most suitable gamma correction curve for darker areas, transforming shadows and dark areas into natural and crisp images in real time like never before.

All three cameras utilise revolutionary Adaptive Black Stretch technology to enhance the visibility of dark areas without degrading image quality in bright areas – making them ideal for use in challenging lighting environments, delivering exceptionally clear images, day or night.

Day/Night operation on the two WV-CP300 series cameras can be selected automatically or manually, and both models offer various other special adjustment features that make them ideal for critical surveillance including Back-Light Compensation, Auto Tracing White Balance and Automatic Light Control.

Making the WV-CP624E a standout in its class, Super Dynamic 6 technology allows the camera to deliver 160x wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras. Additional features include a high resolution of 650 lines, a high sensitivity day/night function allowing for simple optimisation for low-light use, and focus assist for easy installation.

WV-CP300 Security Camera
WV-CP300 Security Camera

“The two new WV-CP300 series cameras are fantastic analogue cameras that offer standout performance and really great value for money,” said Marcus Vongpraseuth, Product Marketing Manager Security and POS at Panasonic Australia.

“Additionally, the WV-CP624E is a camera that is packed with features that offer impressive high performance, and can be relied upon in any security or surveillance application, in a wide variety of environments,” continued Vongpraseuth.

The cameras are available now through Panasonic distributor Pacific Communications.

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