Optronic Mast System for Submarines with Optimized Stealth Characteristics Presented at DSEI – Sep 09, 2013– London, UK (Techreleased) –  At this year’s DSEI exhibition in London, Cassidian Optronics GmbH, previously known as Carl Zeiss Optronics, presents its new OMS 200 low-profile optronic mast. Using newly developed passive sensors the system improves reconnaissance capabilities, especially when visibility is bad. At the same time, the optronic mast features optimized stealth characteristics resulting from its highly integrated, compact design. Thus the OMS 200 is able, as a single system, to carry out the attack and reconnaissance tasks previously assigned to separate systems. The OMS 200 can be installed into all types of submarines, not just in newly built units, but also into existing submarines, as part of upgrade programmes.

OMS 200 low-profile optronic mast
OMS 200 low-profile optronic mast

The optronic mast system comprises the latest generation of high-resolution sensors, which can be combined in a modular way. All of the sensors are bundled behind a single viewing window. A camera operating in the short-wave infrared range (SWIR), a high-resolution daylight camera and an eye-safe laser rangefinder are combined here in an extremely small space. The resulting compactness offers the smallest possible radar signature, making detection more difficult, especially in offensive roles.

Moreover, the combination with a mid-wave infrared system (MWIR) allows additional data to be gathered, which adds to the high image quality and resolution achieved by the integrated SWIR camera. This optional solution allows the optronic mast system to be used for intelligence and reconnaissance missions, evenunder difficult visual conditions. Particularly in mist and haze which frequently occurs during twilight at sea, the system can still meet the high requirements for submarines.

The universal aerial interface enables the sensor equipment to interact with a variety of aerials, such as ESM-EW/GPS aerials (ESM = electronic support measures; EW = electronic warfare; GPS = global positioning system). The digital data supplied can be exchanged directly with naval and ground forces. The role of submarines is thus strengthened in an all-encompassing defence strategy.

The compact design of the OMS 200 also means that it can be installed and integrated into all types of submarines, whether for new builds or for a modernization programme. In addition, its modular design permits new sensors to be quickly installed over the entire life cycle of the product, without having to change the configuration of the mast. This results in a sustained reduction of maintenance and logistics costs.

Since 1903, both as Carl Zeiss and as Cassidian, the company has manufactured and delivered more than 3,000 periscopes. The current systems are in use by 19 leading naval forces around the world.

Employing about 800 staff at the German locations of Oberkochen and Wetzlar, and at Irene in South Africa, Cassidian Optronics GmbH develops and manufactures optical and optronic products which are used in military ground, sea and air systems, in border surveillance and security systems, in non-military high-tech systems and in the aerospace sector. Cassidian Optronics combines the optical and optronic precision technology from Carl Zeiss Optronics with Cassidian’s know-how as a global market leader in defence and security technology.