Olympus Launches Series C Entry-Level Industrial Videoscope –June 04, 2015– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Olympus today announced that its Scientific Solutions Business is commencing with the simultaneous worldwide release of its Series C industrial endoscope for the internal inspection of factory pipes, automotive components, and other equipment. Industrial endoscopes are non destructive testing instruments suitable for inspecting spaces with no or limited visual access such as factory piping or aircraft engines.

Series C industrial endoscope
Series C industrial endoscope

Videoscopes such as the Series C have a CCD built into the distal end of the scope to generate high quality images that can be viewed on the unit’s LCD monitor. Th e Series C videoscope is an entry – level industrial videoscope that complements the existing series of Olympus IPLEX industrial videoscopes that combine excellent maneuverability and high image quality with a range of functions to conduct accurate inspections . The latest Series C model is a new entry – level industrial videoscope from Olympus ’ line of industrial endoscopes . Featuring the same clear, high – quality images as the high – end IPLEX models, the Series C model is suitable for use in diverse inspection workplaces, providing a high level of durability with a compact and portable design. The instrument is designed with functions required for both routine and simple non – routine inspections , combining simple operation with excellent cost – effective performance t o boost productivity and lower cost.

Main Features

1. High image quality and simple operation in a small , lightweight body

Despite being the entry – level model of industrial videoscopes from Olympus’ line of industrial endoscopes, t he Series C draw s on Olympus’ advanced optical experience to provide clear, high – quality images . The instrument has a built – in LCD monitor and a compact design that weighs only 735 g, including battery. T he control uni t is highly portable and simple to use . Operational simplicity is based on the selective incorporation of functions require d for basic routine and simple non – routine inspections.

2. Suitable for diverse inspection workplaces, with a high level of durability and waterproofing

For abrasion – resistance and durability, the outer braid of the scope is made of a tungsten material that is harder than stainless steel. Similarly, the insertion tube is designed to be waterproof to prevent damage from machine oil when inspecting industrial machinery. Excellent cost – effective performance is achieved by fitting a replaceable protective hood on the distal end tip of the insertion tube . If worn from frequent use, the protective hood can be replaced making the instrument suitable for use in a wide variety of inspection environments .