Nordic Semiconductor release nRF6929 voice input module – Dec 04, 2013– Oslo, Norway (Techreleased) –  Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA today announces the release Based entirely on the ARM Cortex-M0 platform, this 2-chip reference design is the ideal platform for developing voice enabled remote controls for internet enabled TVs and set-top boxes, or other voice enabled applications. The Voice Input Module provides a low power and cost efficient voice input design. By sampling audio from a digital microphone or a line input, the Voice Input Module can send compressed audio stream to an nRFready Smart Remote or an Evaluation Kit, which then transmits it through a Bluetooth® low energy link.

nRF6929 Voice Input ModulenRF6929 Voice Input Module
nRF6929 Voice Input Module

The Voice Input Module has hardware support for two different audio input paths: digital microphone and analog line input. The on-board Cortex-M0 MCU handles digital sampling and compression of the audio with ADPCM codec, while the 64 kbps audio bitstream on UART can be received by the Smart Remote or Evaluation Kit.

Together with the nRFready smart remote the voice input module can be used with such systems as Google voice in Google’s chrome browser to enable voice input for search queries.

This reference design module when used together with the nRFready smart remote exhibits excellent power consumption characteristics compared to existing similar solutions in the market consuming 18mA in active voice mode and less than 88uA in idle mode.

“Today’s intelligent remote controls have a variety of potential use-cases. These can range from freespace motion sensing, multi-touch gestures and also voice input for search. OEMs wanted a full range of solutions that they can incorporate into their end designs. Nordic Semiconductor now offers TV manufacturers and remote control OEMs the voice input feature that is increasingly demanded. Nordic now offer the full implementation package to OEMs for both remote and host and have done it in a simple low cost design with excellent power performance” Comments John Leonard Nordic Tactical Marketing Manager.