Nissan Recalls SUVs in US and Canada

Nissan, the Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, has announced a recall of more than 809,000 small SUVs in the United States and Canada due to a key issue that can cause the ignition to shut off while the vehicle is in operation. The recall affects certain models of Nissan Rogue from the 2014 through 2020 model years and Rogue Sports from 2017 through 2022.

According to Nissan, the affected SUVs have jackknife folding keys that may not stay fully open. When driven with the key partially folded, the driver may accidentally touch the fob, causing the engine to shut off. This can result in a loss of engine power, power brakes, and may also cause the airbags to fail to inflate in the event of a collision. Fortunately, Nissan has reported that it is not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting from this problem. However, the company is urging affected customers not to attach anything else to their key rings until they have been notified of the recall and the issue has been fixed.

Nissan is yet to come up with a fix for the issue, but it has announced that it will notify owners in March with an interim letter advising them of the problem and to be careful when handling their keys. Following this, they will receive another letter requesting them to take their SUVs in for repairs. Nissan has also urged owners who have keys that won’t stay in the open position to contact their dealers immediately. This recall comes as part of Nissan’s ongoing efforts to improve vehicle safety and quality.

The company has been working hard to address past quality and safety issues in its vehicles, and this latest recall is just one example of its commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. In the meantime, Nissan is advising affected customers to be cautious when driving their SUVs and to contact their dealers if they experience any issues with their keys. The company has also apologized for any inconvenience caused by the recall and is assuring customers that it is doing everything in its power to rectify the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.