Nimsoft (ITMaaS) solutions
Nimsoft (ITMaaS) solutions

Aug 01, 2012–Campbell,USA (Techreleased) – Nimsoft today announced that it is responding to growing European demand for its IT Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) solutions with French and German versions of Nimsoft Service Desk.

European companies are embracing the Nimsoft ITMaaS model as a way of reducing costs, increasing business agility and allocating a larger percentage of IT resources to strategic projects.  One of several Nimsoft ITMaaS solutions, Nimsoft Service Desk provides essential incident, problem, change/configuration, SLA, knowledge and catalog/request management functionality—including action-driven workflows built on ITIL® standards.

“Nimsoft Service Desk is a powerful, highly configurable trouble-ticket management solution that dramatically improves collaboration across multiple IT functions for solving problems and preventing them from happening again,” said Mara M. Carrasco, sales director at StorGLEY, a managed service provider in Spain which also uses Nimsoft Monitor. “By delivering such a powerful solution as an on-demand service, Nimsoft Service Desk enables us to quickly and cost-effectively improve our clients’ IT operations in ways that directly impact business performance.”

Nimsoft Service Desk is also available in US English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, simplified Chinese and Japanese.

“As customers worldwide continue to adopt Nimsoft Service Desk and our other ITMaaS solutions in increasing numbers, we will respond with appropriate expansion of our capabilities,” said Mark Frost, general manager, Nimsoft.   “Our expanded language support is the most recent examples of this proven, long-standing commitment.”