New Predix Offering from GE Digital

New Predix Offering From GE Digital Brings Manufacturing Data To The Cloud – April 06, 2019 – San Ramon, California (Techreleased) – GE Digital today announced the launch of Predix Manufacturing Data Cloud (MDC), the first of its kind cloud solution purpose-built to consolidate and transform manufacturing data across plants for enterprise cloud storage and analysis. Used in concert with a traditional Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Predix MDC gives manufacturers operational analysis in the cloud and greater flexibility of deployment, helping reduce the size of on-premises systems and make them run more efficiently.

Predix MDC provides next generation cloud functionality to GE Digital’s well-established manufacturing execution system offering, Plant Applications, used by organizations around the world to track and analyze production execution and workflow, as well as manage production data and quality control.

Built to support manufacturing across industries, Predix MDC can help improve operations and insights for all varieties of manufacturing types, from discrete to process, across sectors like food and beverage, packaging, pulp and paper, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences.

“There is a bigger benefit here around innovation through digitization of operations, and how IT supports that innovation,” said Kevin Prouty, Group Vice President, IDC Energy and Manufacturing Insights. “IT is being told they have to be able to support, and not inhibit, innovation. An industry cloud platform like Predix MDC can become the foundation for that support. The end result is IT and operations supporting innovation through a platform that secures data and provides rational access to operational data.”

Predix MDC Already Supports Manufacturers Around the World

P&G, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG), has been a long-time customer of GE Digital’s Plant Applications Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and is leveraging these Predix MDC capabilities by moving manufacturing data and running powerful analytics in the cloud. P&G has already gained a detailed, data-supported view into their manufacturing processes, providing insights that drive efficiencies.

Predix MDC is compatible with any third-party application that supports REST APIs for data sourcing, user interface, visualization, analytics and reporting. General availability is expected in Q2 2019.