New Integrated EMC Software Solutions Advance Patient Care, Reduce Healthcare Costs
New Integrated EMC Software Solutions Advance Patient Care, Reduce Healthcare Costs

Oct 04, 2012–Hopkinton,USA (Techreleased) –EMC Corporation today announced the availability of its EMC Documentum Integrated Patient Record solutions , specifically designed to transform how healthcare organizations worldwide can access and manage patient information. The set of solutions increase efficiencies in delivering patient care, reduce costs and help healthcare organizations ensure regulatory compliance.

Typically less than 50% of a patient’s health information is available in an electronic format. Integrated Patient Record solutions, also known as Hybrid Medical Record solutions, enhance existing patient information by aggregating, sharing and optimizing data, for a complete patient-centric view. This not only reduces costs, but improves clinical satisfaction and enables regulatory compliance and improved patient privacy.

EMC Integrated Patient Record solutions are comprised of the following offerings:

  • EMC Document Imaging for Medical Records : Supports the transition from paper to indexed electronic medical records through automated recognition, classification and indexing of information, creating digital images that can be linked to the patient’s existing electronic health record.
  • EMC Medical Image Sharing and Management : Enables organizations to share, access, and manage medical images such as x-rays, MRI, CT, etc., in an interoperable, vendor-neutral environment.
  • EMC Virtual Patient Information Repository : Provides holistic view of patient-related documents to include audio, email, digital photos and other electronically produced information. This complete electronic patient information enables healthcare organizations to analyze and collaborate for improved clinical and financial efficiencies and enable regulatory compliance.

The IPR solutions leverage EMC technologies, including EMC® Documentum® xCP , EMC® Captiva® , and EMC® Document Sciences , to capture and share disparate patient data and optimize their processes by analyzing the aggregated information. Based on open standards, IPR enables hospitals, healthcare insurers, and government agencies to securely deliver the right information in the right context to the right person, laying the foundation for leveraging advances such as telemedicine and mobile health (mHealth), and optimizing patient care. EMC uses best practices, insight and cutting-edge tools to optimize care delivery, empowering healthcare organizations to build internal expertise and center of excellence over time with EMC Consulting and its ecosystem of implementation partners.