NEC makes Polkomtel's Mobile Access Network LTE Ready With iPASOLINK
NEC makes Polkomtel’s Mobile Access Network LTE Ready With iPASOLINK

Oct 15, 2012– London,UK (Techreleased) –NEC Corporation has signed a multiple-year frame contract to supply Polkomtel, one of Poland’s leading mobile operators, with its iPASOLINK series in order to rebuild a nationwide mobile access network over the next three years.

As one of the main suppliers under this contract, NEC will deploy ultra-compact IP-based microwave links across Poland to enhance the capacity and efficiency of the 3G backhaul network. NEC will fully support the advancement of Polkomtel’s network toward LTE, which requires a great deal more network capacity for handling large volumes of IP data traffic.

NEC will provide its sophisticated microwave radio solutions, including the iPASOLINK200, iPASOLINK400, iPASOLINK1000 and the MS5000 network management system. NEC will also provide a full range of professional services, such as installation, testing of equipment, training and maintenance support services.

“Demand from mobile operators for the renovation of mobile access networks in order to effectively manage continuing mobile traffic increases is gaining momentum worldwide. NEC’s iPASOLINK series has supported more than 100 operators spanning over 80 countries worldwide to address this challenge,” said Nicolae Varvara, managing director of NEC Eastern Europe.

NEC’s iPASOLINK series flexibly accommodates today’s growing transmission needs through a variety of different interfaces on a single platform. It enables mobile operators to cost-effectively and easily enhance their mobile access network through software upgrades that minimise spending on additional equipment.