NEC Delivers Infrared Thermography Cameras as a Countermeasure Against Ebola – Jan 28, 2015– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – NEC Corporationtoday announced the delivery of infrared thermography cameras, via the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), to support countermeasures against Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Africa, delivering 4 units to the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, and 5 units to the Republic of Ghana.

InfReC R300SR series
InfReC R300SR series

The infrared thermographs provided by NEC will be installed in locations such as international airports and border checkpoints in both countries, as a means of measuring many person’s body surface temperatures at one time without making physical contact, and screening feverish individuals. They are scheduled to begin operation from the beginning of February.

In addition, NEC is demonstrating the infrared thermography camera at the 24th African Union Summit in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on January 30 and 31.

In November 2014, the Japanese government pledged a further $100 million (USD) of support towards combatting the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, bringing the total amount of their support contributions to over $155 million.

‘By using infrared thermography, it is possible to carry out screenings of feverish individuals safely, and in real-time, without making physical contact with the subject. In the future, NEC will continue to promote infrared thermography within Africa and globally as a means to suppress the Ebola epidemic, and contribute to the prevention of its spread,’ said Hironobu Kurosaki, General Manager, Global Business Unit, NEC Corporation.