NEC and Transmode upgrade MegaFon’s mobile network – May 17, 2013– London, UK  (Techreleased) – NEC Corporation today announced that CJSC NEC Neva Communications Systems (NEC), together with Transmode, has supplied  MegaFon, one of Russia’s largest telecom operators, with optical networking equipment. The delivery has been made to six of the eight branches of MegaFon under a frame agreement of expanding the operator’s network capacity.

MegaFon Mobile Network
MegaFon Mobile Network


 Upgrade MegaFon’s Mobile Network News Details

MegaFon aims to significantly increase its network transmission capacity in order to prepare networks for LTE and to optimize the company’s transmission costs. The networks are now live in the Stolichny, Kavkaz, Center, Volga, Ural and Far East branches of MegaFon.

“The development of 4G networks is a top priority for MegaFon as well as modernization of the existing network. We are making all efforts to ensure the stability and high quality of services by investing in infrastructure with maximum effectiveness,” said Igor Shirokov, Deputy CEO for Infrastructure, MegaFon.

Raymond Armes, Managing Director of NEC Neva, said: “Based on NEC’s worldwide experience and our relationship with Transmode, we are able to provide both the best possible solutions and services to help MegaFon upgrade its network in a fast and cost effective manner.”

Björn Andersson, Transmode’s Vice President of sales, said: “Announcing MegaFon as a new customer through our key strategic partner, NEC, is a great achievement. We look forward to supporting MegaFon in its plans to improve user experience, drive down network costs and offer new service capabilities as they continue to expand their network.”