There is enormous choice when it comes to iPhone Apps, whether you want entertainment, information, or a tool. The modern era offers all kinds of mobile app tools for business owners that range from useful to indispensable. With most companies investing in business internet service and taking much of their daily tasks to online platforms, a number of online tools have been developed to help with tasks such as project management and billing. Many of these tools have mobile apps for full access when away from your home or business computer.

Although there are almost certainly specialized apps out there that will help in your particular field, here are some that almost any business owner, whether their company is small or large, should benefit from adopting.

Tracking Expenses

Tracking your business costs accurately and keeping the information readily accessible is vital, so it’s no surprise that apps have been designed with this in mind. Here are two of the most prominent.

BizXpenseTracker is aimed at keeping track of internal costs, able to handle things such as project expenses, mileage, and time. It is a customizable and highly powerful app that you can tailor to almost any needs, and it has no problem with major international currencies and accounting for costs such as VAT. Moreover it can easily generate reports that can be exported as PDFs or into other programs such as Excel.

Billings Pro is similar but has a slightly different approach. Although it can do many of the same things as BizXpenseTracker, it is intended to help track billable time and expenses as well as project costs, and is able to generate invoices on the spot. It can be integrated with credit card processing programs to allow for rapid payment. Billings Pro also handles multiple currencies and taxes.

A Portable Office

There are many office programs which are now standard and which we’re all used to seeing, so it stands to reason that the iPhone would have the same functionality. Although these programs tend not to be quite as powerful as their desktop cousins, having access to and being able to create and edit your files on the go is obviously highly appealing. A top office suite in this vein is Documents To Go, which lets you view a variety of files including PowerPoint and PDFs and to view, edit, and create Word and Excel documents.

Ideas and Brainstorming

Keeping track of the ideas you and your employees come up with and organizing them is vital, so you’re going to want a solution that helps brainstorming sessions and keep track of ideas without hassle. Here are a couple of programs that are great for just that.

XMind is a mind mapping program which allows attractive mind maps to be drawn up and shared with ease. Whatever kind of planning or brainstorming is being done XMind can help clarify and categorize it, whether it is being done by an individual, a team, or by several people working on their own devices. It features additional mapping options such as fishbone and Gantt charts for project management, and files can be exported to Office or as PDFs.

Evernote is a highly convenient note-taking app that can recognize a huge variety of note formats. Not only can you just type in your ideas, you can take photographs, record notes to yourself, and it even has handwriting recognition on certain platforms. You can also upload files to their cloud and access them from other devices as well as sharing them with colleagues.

Project Management

The last app we’ll touch on is Trello, which is an app designed to help manage and oversee projects either as an individual or in teams. Trello doesn’t just let you create the tasks but also to assign them and get feedback, and allows everyone to make notes and comments as needed. It’s a powerful way to keep track of ongoing projects, but also to have a record of past projects so you can see exactly how and why things were done the way they were.

These apps are just a handful of those out there but they all have a great deal of potential for business owners and could empower you to run a more efficient, dynamic company that can spend a lot less time worrying about the minute details and a lot more time on big ideas and their implementation.