MSI Wind Top AE2712 And  AE 2712G All-in-One PC
MSI Wind Top AE2712 And AE 2712G All-in-One PC

Nov 01, 2012– Taipei, Taiwan  (Techreleased) – Always working with the utmost attention for quality and innovation, MSI has released 27-inch – AE2712 and AE2712G All-in-One PC. The large viewing area on the AE2712 and AE2712G use a 27-inch 1920 x 1080 full HD display, encompassing up to 10 multi-touch points and a beautiful frameless design, all of which make the AE2712 and AE2712G positively eye-catching.

A Perfect Fit for Windows 8 Multi-Touch Control
The Wind Top AE2712 / AE2712G incorporates the panel with projected-capacitance and supports up to 10 multi-touch points which is the most optimal for the use of Windows 8. Cooperated with Microsoft’s exclusive Windows 8 UI and many apps available at the Windows 8 Store, users can enjoy the extraordinary and superior performance of AE2712 / AE2712G with unlimitedly coming up apps.

The Crystal-Clear and Frameless Design
In order to provide the best operating experience, MSI AE2712 / AE2712G introduces the all-in-one and frameless design. Users can slide freely on the surface of the screen as well as the corners which were hard-to-reach before, and now the whole touch panel is more accessible than ever. Besides, this design can also prevent dust from getting caught in the nooks and edges which used to happen to traditional panels and the outer glass screen is strong enough to protect the display effectively while increase the durability of the device.

Even More Features to Get Excited About
•  3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
•  MSI Military class II components
•  Projected Capacitive Touch Technology (optional)
•  NVIDIA® GeForce® GT630M Graphics 2GB (AE2712G)
•  NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology (AE2712G)
•  Anti-Glare Display (optional)
•  LED Backlight
•  MSI Instant Display Technology
•  Support USB 3.0 with MSI SuperCharger
•  THX® TruStudio Pro™