Motorola Mobility Launches MOTOGO!™ In Argentina
Motorola Mobility Launches MOTOGO!™ In Argentina

Sept 14 2012–Buenos Aires,USA (Techreleased) –Motorola Mobility introduces MOTOGO!™ in Argentina, with a thumb-friendly QWERTY keyboard and a dedicated Google™ search button, delivering a smartphone-like experience.
Text in a flash. Email in the blink of an eye. Thanks to MOTOGO!, you’ll never misspell a word again (well, at least not because your keyboard is too cramped). You’ll quickly and accurately text your friends the address of that new dinner spot, or let your boss know your meeting went great. And you won’t even have to squint to see all the letters on the keys.

Thanks to the Google search button on MOTOGO!’s keyboard, staying in the loop has never been easier. With the push of a button, you instantly dive head first into the world’s most powerful search engine. Want to find the lyrics to that song that’s been stuck in your head? How about read reviews of the latest movie releases? MOTOGO! and Google have you covered. You’ll also have access to other Google services like Gmail™, Google Maps™, Google Talk™ and Google+™.

MOTOGO! also comes with the tools you depend on and have come to expect from Motorola Mobility, including:


  • A built-in camera so you can snap pictures with friends, then upload them in seconds to the Web
  • FM radio and MP3 player to rock your favorite songs
  • 3G and Wi-Fi so you can quickly download emails and search the Web wherever you go
  • Bluetooth® so you can safely call your friends from the road let them know you’re on your way

“An easy-to-use keyboard and a dedicated Google search button, help MOTOGO! to make it easy to streamline users’ search and quickly find information that matters to them most,” said Germán Greco, marketing product director, Motorola Mobility. “It also comes with a ton of other valuable features like 3G router and Wi-Fi. And all at a price that won’t break the bank.”

Price and Availability 
MOTOGO! is already available from main carriers of the country.