Motorola Mobility Introduces Unmatched Control To China With Motorola XT760
Motorola Mobility Introduces Unmatched Control To China With Motorola XT760

June 07, 2012 – Beijing , China  (Techreleased) – Dominate your day with your very own compact command center. Motorola Mobility’s new smartphone, Motorola XT760, now available in China, is the only tool you’ll need to stay connected and juggle your busy work and personal life.

Not a lot of extra space in your pocket or handbag? Not to worry. The super-slim Motorola XT760 is less than 10mm thin and extremely lightweight. But don’t let its small size fool you – this smartphone is big on features. With its dual-core processor you can breeze through app downloads, stream videos from multiple online video sites through the Motorola multimedia hub and even watch HD movies without any jitters.

Motorola XT760 has a high pixel-density display that makes photos and videos practically come alive on the screen. It also has an 8-megapixel camera with flash, which is perfect for capturing gorgeous photos, and a 1080p video recorder for collecting life-long memories. You can even play your video masterpieces on an HD TV for all to see on the big screen through the HDMI output. And thanks to its 1650mAh battery, Motorola XT760 will last all day.

“Motorola XT760 is the perfect smartphone for those with hefty to-do lists,” said Frank Meng, Senior Vice President and President of Greater China, Motorola Mobility. “Whether answering emails, managing projects, scheduling family appointments or checking out weekend events around town, you can do it all and still have time to enjoy your day.”

Motorola XT760 is available from authorized Motorola resellers across China starting today.