Sept 21, 2012–Buenos Aires,Argentina (Techreleased) –Motorola Mobility of Argentina S.A. presents its new MOTOSMART™ family of devices. Composed of four new Android™-based smartphones, each at a very affordable price. The family includes the super slim and elegant MOTOSMART™ Plus, the innovative and sophisticated MOTOSMART™ Flip, the best in entertainment with MOTOSMART™ Mix, and MOTOSMART™ Me, easy to use for those starting for the first time in the smart world.
Each of the devices helps users stay connected all the time and also allows them to enjoy essential features for modern communications with advanced Web services, mobile email, social networks and multimedia entertainment. In addition, being powered by Android you can access over 600,000 apps and games from Google Play™.

“Motorola Mobility´s MOTOSMART family adds to our robust portfolio and offers the best mobile experiences,” said German Greco, marketing product director of Motorola Mobility. “With the launch of these four new MOTOSMART devices, we reinforce our commitment to offer our users a variety of options to optimize their mobile experience.”


MOTOSMART Plus: Ultra-stylish, ultra-vogue smartphone
Style mavens can show their fashion side with rail-thin MOTOSMART Plus, an Android™ 2.3 powered smartphone that sets the bar high. With a 4-inch touchscreen that’s perfect for surfing the Web, writing emails and watching movies. It will keep you entertained and connected all the time – whether at work, running errands, hanging out with friends or out on your town.

MOTOSMART Plus automatically personalizes your phone according to your use: it learns which songs you love, who you talk to most often and which apps you get most mileage out of. All of this info is kept front and center in the main screens of your device, with widgets and direct accesses. Plus, its 8 megapixel autofocus camera with flash lets you shoot like a pro. And after the photo shoot, take advantage of the phone’s pre-loaded social networking apps to share the pics with your friends and family.

Another distinguishing feature is MotoCast, which allows you to stream content from your home or work computer straight to your pocket (or purse) so your personal content is always within reach, without any cost. It allows easily and quickly rocking your playlists or breezing through photos starred in one or many computers without hogging your device’s memory. Also security information is protected as it is necessary to raise the information anywhere, but remains with the user at all times. GPS technology ensures MOTOSMART Plus to move from one place to another without losing the route and ensuring the destination to which to turn. Finally offers Bluetooth® connectivity, Music +, to enjoy favorite songs.

MOTOSMART PLUS also sets itself apart with a lanyard slot that lights up. So you can see when you’ve missed a call, received a text or have an email waiting for you.

MOTOSMART Flip: compact design with a touch screen flip cover
Designed for demanding users who love fashion and the latest trends, MOTOSMART Flip adds a super-compact design to the advanced technology which Motorola has accustomed us to. With its transparent cover it is not necessary to open the smartphone to see who is calling or to reply to a new text message. And with its vivid 3.2-inch touch screen, navigating your phone is easy.

In addition, MOTOSMART Flip perfectly captures all your memories with the 5 megapixel autofocus camera with integrated flash. Plus, you can instantly share them with family and friends through preloaded social networking applications. Also with the MOTOSMART Flip’s GPS technology the journey through the streets of Buenos Aires is easy to navigate.

MOTOSMART Mix: High quality music for 30 unterrupted hours 
Designed for people who love the best in entertainment and music regardless of age, the new MOTOSMART Mix includes everything a Motorola phone can offer. The new device combines Android 2.3, a generous 4-inch touch screen and a sleek design in white with red poppies and rounded edges. No matter the musical style of the user, pop, rock, classical music or a little of everything lover, MOTOSMART Mix helps you create, enjoy, organize and share your portable music collection according to your personality.

MOTOSMART Mix comes equipped with a battery life which ensures 30 hours of uninterrupted music. Access to songs and artists is easy with the music board. The device also offers an amazing high quality audio experience, with Dolby® Mobile and SRS WOW HD surround audio for a richer and high impact. MOTOSMART Mix headphones also offer high quality and a dedicated music key so you can control what you listen without taking your phone out of your pocket.

The device also features a rear camera of 3 megapixels and a front VGA camera to record your favorite moments from the greatest concerts to encounters with favorite bands.

MOTOSMART Me: Mobile intelligence at an affordable price

From the moment you turn it on, the new Motorola MOTOSMART Me offers an outstanding level of convenience in terms of configuration, entertainment and communication. With a sleek, lightweight design and a smooth finish, Motorola MOTOSMART Me is the ideal device for those seeking a full smartphone that keeps them connected at all times.

With its new user interface, the phone recognizes contacts and applications you use most, and adapts to your needs. The most frequently used applications and the people you contact the most are automatically appear on your your 3.2-inch home screen.

MOTOSMART Me is a complete multimedia device with functions such as: FM radio and Internet radio, MP3 player built with ID song, song lyrics displayed in real time, and suggestions for YouTube™ videos. – so you can sing along to your favorite songs.

You can also capture pictures and videos with its 2 megapixel camera, and upload them to your social networks anytime, anywhere. To store your photos and favorite songs, MOTOSMART Me comes with a 4GB microSD memory card (expandable up to 32GB) or you can connect your phone to your HD TV using DLNA technology so everyone can see your photos and videos.

Motorola MOTOSMART Me is ideal for those looking to stay connected at all times with always on access to the Internet with 3G or Wi-Fi – you can switch between one type of connectivity and the other as needed.

Prices and availability
Motorola’s MOTOSMART family is now available in Argentina through different operators. For prices and plans, please contact your mobile operator. For more details on the MOTOSMART family