MoD and Thales to Commercialise Naval Technology
MoD and Thales to Commercialise Naval Technology

July 18, 2012– London,UK (Techreleased) – The Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Thales UK are working to commercialise the UK’s fully digital radar electronic support measures (RESM) system, which has had its first use in the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer fleet.

Thales will now have the opportunity to open up international markets…

A licence agreement has been signed between Thales and Ploughshare Innovations Ltd, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (Dstl) technology transfer company. It gives Thales the opportunity to further develop and supply the technology to other naval forces beyond the UK MOD.

The direct radio frequency sampling and wideband digital receiver technology was developed as part of Dstl’s research programme, resulting in a complete digital solution from antenna to console.

The system, which has been awarded world patent rights, provides increased quality in the information it contributes to overall situational awareness. In comparison to existing systems, it provides greater accuracy, improved sensitivity and the ability to continue to operate in high density signal environments, while the radical elimination of many expensive microwave components results in a significant benefit in terms of through-life costs.

Thales, working with Dstl, has matured this technology into world class in-service equipment, providing the Royal Navy with a new generation of electronic warfare support and threat-identification capabilities. The system will continue to deliver these into future systems and system upgrades.

Jim Ashe of Ploughshare Innovations says: “Ploughshare is delighted that Thales will now have the opportunity to open up international markets and provide capability to allied nations by taking on this licence.”

Thales is also looking to further invest in the technology and enhance the capability, with the possibility of making land and aircraft-based systems.

Phil Naybour, head of Thales UK’s naval business says: “Thales is excited to be working with Ploughshare to develop a world-class technology. This is now in-service with the Royal Navy and is providing them with an unrivalled capability, even in the most demanding of theatres. With this exclusive licence, Thales is looking forward to the launch of a new export product later this year.”